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4 Examples Of Brilliant Print Ads

Apr 25th, 2016

While marketing agencies are always trying to come up with campaigns that resonate with the target audience and result in a positive response, sometimes they really pull out all the stops and achieve something that borders on magical.

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to write ads or you’re just interested in seeing great print ads, we’re taking a look at four examples of brilliant print ads that make a big impact.

Dog Meets Rear-View Camera

Dog Stares At Rear-View Camera

In an ad done by Ogilvy Istanbul, the actual feature being promoted is a rear-view camera from Ford. However, how Ogilvy does it is creative and impactful. In the ad, a dog stares right into the rear-view camera, which drives home the point of how important such technology can be in helping drivers to avoid mishaps such as potentially running over their pets. In fact, a line in the ad notes: “So that our little friends become more visible.”

Walk A Mile In Another’s Shoes

Alzheimer's Day

A print ad produced by Simone Mascagni gives readers a bird’s eye view into one of the side effects of living with Alzheimer’s — the need to be regularly reminded of even the most trivial things.

The ad, which features a red background, repeats the phrase: “Today is World Alzheimer’s Day” — one on top of the other — a total of seven times. It’s a compelling way to get readers to consider one of the things Alzheimer’s sufferers have to deal with every single day.

Tasty Adjectives

Nutella Ad

If you live in the western world, it’s likely that at some point in your life, you’ve eaten Nutella; a chocolate spread usually intended to go on toast. But have you ever seen anyone turn the word Nutella into an adjective? Well Claire Heppner transformed the Nutella brand name into an adjective in a print ad. The ad shows a series of pictures in which Nutella is spread on various types of food, and each one is followed by the phrase: “That’s Nutellable.” Not only does the ad pique the interest of readers to try it on new things, but includes a social call-to-action that will encourage the social networking community to participate in the campaign, too.

Color Me Clever!

Brilliant Print Ads

If you incorporate color into your ad, you’re going to naturally draw the eye from your reader. But sometimes the lack of colour can be just as impactful.

Take this ad from a teeth-whitening business for example. Keeping in mind that such a business would be focused on keeping people’s teeth nice and white, the entity uses an ad where typically yellow things — among them a duck, lemons, egg yolks and bananas — are displayed white rather than yellow. The tagline reads: “We don’t like yellow.” Very simple, and very impactful.

This is just a small representation of some of the great print ads out there. Share with us some of your favourite ads below and we’ll be sure to add them to our next list!

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