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Benefits Of Short-Run Posters For Small Businesses

Sep 26th, 2016

Marketing budgets for small businesses tend to be quite tight, so you need to take advantage of every low-cost opportunity to boost your business. Fortunately, you can achieve great returns with short-run posters by leveraging the power of poster marketing, but without incurring the cost of large poster print runs. The huge savings make these posters ideal for advertising and promoting local businesses, bands, concerts, special events and much more.

Short-Run Posters To Boost Your Small Business

Here are some other benefits of short-run posters:

  1. Customisation for unique targeting

    You can customise the design of your short-run posters for the different venues that you intend to place them in, so they are meaningful to the audience that frequents such places. You simply create a small number of posters carrying precise and accurate details about a product and the venue that will entice a potential consumer.

    For instance, posters for a specific local store may contain the description of a product, its uses and benefits, as well as the name of the specific store. For a different store, you can customise the design and wording accordingly. In fact, you can create small batches that are customised for each store where you sell your products.

  2. Easy tracking

    When you create custom posters for each store or venue, you can choose to incorporate custom URLs and QR codes so you can keep track of the locations that have better response rates.

  3. Increased brand awareness

    The affordability of short-run posters means that you can create them in bulk for distribution all over your town or city, as well as neighbouring cities. This way, you can reach a large audience within a short time. A well-designed poster will promote brand identification while informing consumers about your products, services and/or offers.

    You don’t have to spend so much money paying for publicity with posters. These short-run posters will give you the same exposure, or even more, so your brand comes to mind every time the audience thinks about the product or service you offer.

  4. Unique size options

    You can print your posters in any size, from the standard 11 by 17 inches to the large movie poster size of 27 by 39 inches. You can even use different designs – colours, styles and shapes – for the various sizes to command attention without straining your budget.

  5. Easy to distribute

    These posters are easy to distribute among companies, stores, and even customers.

Short-run posters give small businesses an efficient and affordable way to reach more customers within a short time. You only need to create good designs, print many copies and distribute them extensively to maximise on the opportunity.

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