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7 ways retail outlets benefit from banners and posters

Jun 4th, 2018

We’ve all seen them before. Those huge, multi-coloured displays that hang off windows and store displays and seem to jump out at you as you pass by. Even if you don’t end up actually going inside, most of the time they serve their one primary purpose: getting your attention.

7 Ways Retail Outlets Benefit From Banners And Posters

But not all signage is created equal. In many cases, businesses will either underutilize the space or make the sign look jumbled with amateur typefaces and contrasting colours. Getting those aspects in order first is the key to an effective display; below are some more ways to make sure you get the most from your physical advertisements.

  1. Find the Right Dimensions and Colours

    This may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many businesses get this wrong. Either the poster is too large for the available space, the font and colours mix emotions, or the words on the sign are just wrong. Either way, this type of blunder is a sure-fire way to get your advertisement remembered for the wrong reason and kill sales as well as your reputation. If you need, hire a consultant to check your sign; or better yet, hire an outside marketing agency to do the whole thing for you. It’s better to pay someone else out-of-pocket than it is to potentially nuke your business because of inexperience.

  2. Segment Your Store

    The right combination of banners in the right locations can create different areas in your store that point customers’ eyes to a specific goal. If you want to advertise a sale corner of your store, the right signage can bring people to that spot; the same goes for different departments in the physical store as well. For example, you could want to create a path for your customers to follow through your store, such as a lane to the checkout area. The right signs can accomplish that effortlessly.

  3. Display Various Product Offerings

    Have a brand-new product in stock that you can’t wait to show off to your customers? Maybe you have a product line that is being discontinued and you want to move the inventory ASAP. Either way, the right retail banners can show what the customer will get in a clearly defined way that leaves nothing to the imagination.

    Just make sure that whatever you put on the picture also appears in the product offering, or else it could come off as false advertising. Even if you aren’t prosecuted for that, you still don’t want a reputation for misleading your clientele.

  4. Provide Directions to Your Store

    Let’s face it: there’s no point in having a display board advertising your business if people don’t know how to find you. You can have the largest and most beautiful board in the world, but if you can’t connect with your customers, it could be a lost cause.

    For that reason, one of the most inventive ways to use retail banners is to give directions to your place of business, either by providing arrows that point them in the right direction or give mile markers if they’re already headed that way. Billboards are the most obvious use of this tactic, but window signs and sandwich boards located on the road can also help.

    Businesses can also seize the opportunity to begin their sales pitch ahead of time. If you’re in the restaurant business, for example, place a gigantic picture of one of your main dishes on the sign with a statement below that says “Only Three Miles Away…” That way, by the time they arrive in the general area of your restaurant, they’re already primed for a meal.

  5. Highlight What Makes You Different

    There is nothing worse than bland advertisements that have been seen a thousand times before. Chances are, no matter what industry you’re in, people have seen some of the most common types of your ads before, and for good reason: they work.

    Instead of throwing the playbook out completely though, try to take the elements that do work in other signs and adapt them to your specific business. Accentuate your USP (Unique Selling Point) and broadcast that over the board. Are you a restaurant that caters to a specific theme? An amusement park that has a world-famous ride? Use your retail banners to drive home what makes you different from everyone around you and you should be rewarded with at least an influx of curious visitors.

  6. Generate Buzz

    No sign has to stand on its own two feet. If you can create a series of signs that generate buzz around your local business, you’ll be able to capitalize on that excitement once they actually set foot inside your store.

    This tactic is especially useful if you’re advertising a product launch or a new store opening, and when combined with signs that employ the tactics listed above, can create a very effective one-two marketing punch. Use a few signs to generate excitement and then lay out signs that point people to where the new store will be. Use big letters and bold colours to minimize the confusion. No matter your industry, you can use signs to create a substantial amount of interest in your product before they even know what store is advertising it.

  7. Display Current Offerings

    Although some signs are static and stay stationary for a long time – such as when pointing out directions to the shop – other signs are more effective when they’re actively addressing something that is currently happening. A massive, store-wide sale, for instance, should be promoted far and wide to bring in the most amount of people at the right time.

    Maybe you’re advertising that a celebrity will be in your store for some reason or your shop is hosting a special event. If that’s the case, make sure people know about it by posting what it is that’s current and where people can find you. Rather than replace those signs with generic ones after the event is over, move to another sale or event and keep the sense of urgency flowing.

    Tie-in social media campaigns

    Where signs really begin to pop is when they’re linked with an ongoing social media campaign as well. If people are able to link what they see on Facebook and Twitter with what they see on the streets, they’ll more easily recognize your store and be drawn to an event. The exact amount of times people have to see your ad before they interact with your store changes from industry to industry, but generally speaking, the more the better.

    If you’re interested in talking to experts about retail banners and sign strategies associated with your business, call Club Ink today at 416.694.1996 or contact us here.

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