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What Makes a Good Poster Design?

Jan 15th, 2021

If you are interested in poster printing in Toronto, then you are probably thinking about what goes into a good design. Poster printing is a fine art and science, and a lot of thought must go into the design, as each client is different.

What Makes a Good Poster Design?

A memorable and creative design will help your company and its message stand out, and will be more likely to convert readers into customers. Here, we will provide some tips to optimize your poster’s design.

It Should be Legible from Afar

Posters tend to be larger than life, and yours should be able to be seen from a great distance. However, the text on the poster should also be legible from afar. Most people cannot be bothered to approach a poster in order to read the fine print.

Use a headline that has bold letters. The font should be large enough to be readable from, for example, the highway. It should also grab the attention of the reader, so the typeface should be attention grabbing.

Below the headline, the reader will find the details or the primary message of your poster. The detail text should be roughly half as large as the headline text. However, if you really want to focus on a larger scale, then it should be separated from the headline in a distinct manner. As for details that are not as relevant, or not considered essential, they can be placed at the bottom of the poster in an even smaller font.

Contrast is Key

The average person’s attention span is quite short. Given the fact that we are bombarded with hundreds of ads on a daily basis, the mind has been programmed to filter out anything that is perceived to be irrelevant to its host’s primary needs and goals.

The design of your poster will need to be compelling in order for the passerby to stop and read it. You will need some elements of contrast in order for your poster to be eye-catching. For instance, try and use both dark and light colours if possible in your design. Incorporate light text against a dark background in order to form the ultimate contrast, or vice versa.

Using a monotone colour palette is usually a recipe for disaster. Therefore, choose colours that are very distinct from each other. Typefaces should also be of different sizes so that people can easily read your poster from a great distance if needed.

Contrast can be achieved in several different ways if you are working with a creative and savvy designer. Speak to your designer in order to discuss your branding goals. The designer may be able to achieve contrast with colour intensity, or by using shapes such as placing corners against edges, or geometrics against organics. From complex and simple features to orientation and position, there are many techniques that can be employed in order to achieve the desired effect.

Location, Location, Location

One of the first things to look into before you start working on your poster design is where it will be placed. Visual clutter and size will help determine where it will be posted. If people are unable to see the call-to-action on your poster, then your marketing campaign will likely not succeed. To illustrate, if you are thinking of hanging your poster on a red wall, then the colour scheme that you choose will need to contrast with the red.

There is also the matter of whether or not the poster will be shown online or at a physical location. Speak to your designer about your needs and where the poster will be placed. Your designer will carefully consider the location and then make the necessary adjustments in order to optimize its reach.

It Must Stand Out

Your poster will either be placed on a bulletin board or published on the Internet. It is likely that you will be dealing with many other posters that are also fighting for brand awareness and supremacy. Due to the bevy of competitors, you will need to stand out in order to attract the attention of your discerning readers. The visuals will need to be sensational and memorable so that you are not seen as a derivative or mediocre company.

The goal should be for the passerby to stop in order to read your poster’s message. If your poster simply blends in with the others, then it needs to be improved so that it will stand out. Hire a professional graphic designer who will use unique typefaces, colours, and concepts in order to make your poster pop.

It Should be Scalable

The majority of poster designs are meant for print projects, so mini-posters will also need to be developed. It is important to remember that they will be placed in many different locations, including physical and virtual hotspots.

You will need to create your poster in many different sizes in order to maximize your advantage for both offline and online platforms. For instance, if the image needs to be scaled down to fit a smartphone screen, it will need to look good enough to be shareable on social media. In sum, the design must be equally effective when scaled up or down for different platforms.

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