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Four Posters That Made Their Mark

Dec 14th, 2015

Never underestimate the power of a great poster. From propaganda to advertising to pop culture, there are some images that will always remain in our memory for their power, beauty, message, or cleverness.

Here are a few of those powerful posters, the kinds that stick in the collective imagination. Hopefully they can also provide inspiration to you when looking for design ideas, whether it comes to home and office decorating, or event promotion.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Posters

The modern poster was born in the belle-epoque with the advent of art-nouveau. Artists like Henri Privat-Livemont, who created the above poster, turned their considerable talents to advertising, mostly for alcohol like absinthe and vermouth. The beautiful colours and images created something truly unforgettable.

The art-nouveau posters of France can now be seen everywhere, in poster and print form, over a century later.


Uncle Sam Poster

The above poster of “Uncle Sam” is probably the most popular and unforgettable recruitment image, at least in North America. It’s not just the patriotic image–the powerful slogan “I WANT YOU” has also stuck with us since World War One. There are many other recruitment posters from this time, which also have powerful images, but the simplicity of this one has remained with us, as well as being parodied and referred to again and again in popular culture.

Iconic Moments

Iconic Moments

The above poster, familiar to most, captures a moment that goes way beyond what is actually happening in the photograph. The embrace was captured in Times Square, at a parade celebrating the end of World War Two. Because of its historical significance, but also for it’s simple portrayal of two people caught up in a passionate moment, celebrating a huge historical moment, this image has become iconic, powerful and important for so many reasons.

Historical Figures

Poster Of Historical People

People too are iconic, and posters have done a great job of capturing the charisma of famous rock stars, actors, and political figures. Putting up a poster of your idol, be they an artist, a sports star, or a historical figure, is a rite of passage for many young people, and a way to feel connected to them and inspired by them.

There’s so much more than can be said about the power of posters. Whether it’s in their simple, bold images and messages, or their capturing of people and places at certain periods in time, posters are timeless, much more than just words and pictures.

If you’re looking for inspiration, or maybe just something that will look great in your home, consider a poster! Contact us at Club Ink, for all your printing needs.

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