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Easy Professional Poster Ideas

Jan 6th, 2020

While there are nearly 8 billion people on the planet, less than half have access to the internet. It is for this reason why offline marketing is still used as a viable advertising medium to try and attract people to buy certain products or use certain services. For instance, a marketing team may decide to use posters to advertise their products, as posters serve as a physical connection that can help convey a certain message about a brand.

Easy Professional Poster Ideas

Here, we will provide some easy and professional poster ideas that go above and beyond the norm to pique the interest of target demos.

Black is Back

While some companies may opt to print their messages or images on a white canvas, we would suggest that you try something new and creative by opting for black instead of the typical white, crisp backgrounds. Also, if you do decide to go with a black canvas, then we would suggest that you use bright white or metallic inks for your prints in order to create a poster that is mesmerizing.

Beautiful and Stark

In some cases, less is more. That is, while some designers may try and fill every nook and cranny of their poster with artwork or lettering, minimalist compositions can be just as beautiful and memorable, if not more so.

For instance, your poster can speak volumes by using stunning photographs and memorable yet essential content to portray a message or convey a certain mood. Hence, you can create a sophisticated and elegant piece by distilling your poster with only the bare essentials for certain ad campaigns.

Grunge is In

You don’t have to limit yourself to a tidy type or a clear typeface in order to implement a professional design. Instead, you can go with a rebel ambience or use a typeface that has a lot of character or “oomph.” The end result is that you will have a poster that has a bold personality and stands out amongst a glut of generic derivatives.

In fact, if you have some extra time at your disposal, you can create a custom type for your campaign that is quite grungy. All you will need is a rebellious attitude and a few writing utensils, such some felt-tip markers, and you’re ready to write out your poster’s content.

Harness the Power of the Grid

Grids are arguably one of the most potent and versatile resources that you can use to design magnum opuses that are tidy and professional. For example, you can define a custom grid for your opus in order to help guide its design, with the end result being a poster that looks as if it has been designed by a consummate professional.

Then, once you have established a grid that will serve as a solid base, you can start experimenting with different design elements as well as a myriad of different type point sizes. For instance, you can opt for just one colour of your choosing or use shades that are complementary in order to help build colour contrast.

Use Black and White Together

If you are having problems with trying to capture the perfect shot for your new poster, then you may want to try turning it into black and white. By doing so, you can easily and quickly design a poster that has a classy or elegant style to it, but you will also have to take cropping very seriously.

In other words, when you are working with any type of imagery on a poster, then what you decide to remove from the frame will have just as much of an impact on your viewers as what has been kept.

Take a Minimalist Approach

More often than not, working with complex colour patterns can prove to be time-consuming and challenging, as you will need to take the time to determine how they will work as well as how they should be applied to the poster. Design neophytes, in particular, may struggle to work with complex colour patterns. So why not make things easier on yourself and take a minimalist approach instead?

For example, you can begin with one bright colour and some black and white. In this hypothetical scenario, you can try using black as your accent, white as your support, and your bright colour “du jour,” as your dominant colour.

Avoid Too Many Bells and Whistles

The general rule of thumb when it comes to poster design is to try and keep things as simple as possible. This is because studies have found that it only takes less than seven seconds for a person to form a good or bad impression of something, so you will want to avoid overwhelming or confusing your audience.

As such, instead of focusing on doing too much with your design, you should try and choose a type that is masterfully set and select a photograph that truly pops off the canvas; no more, no less. The mentioned before, 1-2 punch setup will work wonders when properly implemented, so you don’t need to complicate matters by adding any superfluous bells and whistles to your poster.

Delete, Delete, Delete

In addition, you should also layer your design elements and cut or mask out certain elements in order to add some much needed visual “Je ne sais quoi,” to your canvas. For example, instead of going with a solid letterform, you can use a mask that is, say, “A” shaped in order to reveal imagery that is thematically linked to the content that is featured on the piece.

Old is Gold

Sometimes, a classic approach may work best, depending on the project at hand. That is, you can go with an eye-catching image as your background while using a black typeface over white that is set clean. If you want to up the ante by a smidge, then you can try playing with the opacity setting until you find a look that you like.

The Club Ink Difference

If you would like some more professional and creative ideas for your posters or would like a professional poster design team to handle all of the heavy lifting for you, then please visit our website.

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