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5 Ways To Design An Awesome Poster For Your Next Event

Oct 24th, 2016

Posters are creative, intriguing, bold and capable of provoking many different emotions, depending on your what it is you’re promoting (the product, service or event) and your target audience.

5 Design And Promotion Tips For Your Next Poster

Small to mid-size businesses with aggressive goals but limited resources can easily create buzz for their next event by using posters. But to make your display a showstopper, you need to not only place them in a high-traffic locations, but also express your message powerfully enough to stop your audience in their tracks.

Here are a few tips to help you strike the right balance with colour, headlines, images, logos and other information when designing your poster:

  1. Use colour creatively

    Colour is one of the elements in your design that offers the widest range of selection, allowing you to be bold, romantic or subtle depending, on the subject of your poster. Your choice of colours can create energy, attract the eye and elicit a mood.

  2. Play around with font and typography

    The fonts you use in a poster can define the mood for your event: bold sans serif for seriousness; italic serif for elegance; a loose handwritten font to express fun or playfulness and so on.

    It is important to use at least two fonts in your design: one for the headline and a different one for the body. Experiment with typography to amplify the effect.

  3. Establish visual hierarchy

    It should be easy to deduce the message from a poster from just a simple glance. To grab attention and offer a quick read, it is important to rank the content in order of importance. If you have little information to display, consider using a photo or bold, simple graphic. To share more information, focus on using different types with a big headline and the rest of the information in groups.

  4. Establish a point of focus

    When using an image, for instance, you can create some elements that are in or out of focus to direct the viewer’s’ eyes to where you want them looking on the page.

  5. Creative composition

    Once you have all the elements that you want to include in your poster, including photos, information or illustrations, you should think about how to put it together in a way that is easy to read and understand. Focus on how the graphics interact with words and letters, as this impacts how the viewer will view the poster and comprehend the message.

Finally, always know your audience before attempting to promote or sell to them. This will ensure that your final design matches their culture, preferences and buying habits.

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