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5 Tips For Designing The Perfect Poster

Feb 8th, 2016

Posters are widely considered one of the most effective forms of communicating a promotional message.

Perfect Posters

Businesses across the globe, both small and large, use poster campaigns to inform the general public on the latest products and services within their catalogue. To maximize the value of poster advertising campaigns, business owners must first consider their ideal poser design.

In this article, we present five tips for designing the perfect poster.

  1. Make it Easy to Read from a Distance
  2. The important text within the post should be simple for people to read from a distance. This means that the headline and the description within the post should be crafted using readable text that is in sharp contrast to the background colour.

  3. Consider the Poster Location
  4. Will the poster be placed on a white wall outside the business? Or on a brick wall outside a train station? It’s important to know the location of the poster beforehand, as this can have a critical role in poster design. A red brick background might mean that white is the ideal poster colour, whereas as a white bulletin board location could allow the poster designer to use more creative colouring to capture the attention.

  5. Craft Smaller Versions for Wider Dissemination
  6. A person must be exposed to a promotion 20 times before they remember it – this coming from the summary of the latest studies on marketing effectiveness. And so poster designers should create smaller versions of their design when creating the original. This ensures they have an option if they wish to place the poster within business settings (like on a bulletin board) or send the poster out to contacts via email or social media campaigns, they’re easily able to do so.

  7. Increase the Space within the Design
  8. Using large amounts of space within the poster design is a great way to bring attention to the poster. For example, designers can increase the kerning between letters to make the lettering stand out. They can also form large spaces between images and text to ensure both elements achieve optimal engagement from the viewer.

  9. Remember the Call to Action
  10. A well-placed call to action is a critical element in all effective poster designs. Whether they’re inviting poster viewers to an event or asking them to try out a new product, the call to action is the key element of the text for making the connection. Call to actions such as contact information should be placed toward the center of the poster and should be designed to give the viewer a clear understanding of the benefits the action will bring to them.

Effective poster designer is a building block within successful advertising campaigns. To learn more on the poster design process, speak with our team directly today!

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