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Is Cotton Really A Greener Option Than Polyester?

Feb 13th, 2017

When it comes to cotton vs polyester, many people think that the former is actually the greener option. However, when you break it down, that’s not always the case. Surprisingly, cotton isn’t the green material that everyone thinks it is. It’s not that cotton isn’t green when it’s in it’s purest form, it’s just that by the time it reaches us, it’s been tainted. In order to produce cotton, insecticides and other chemicals are used to control plant growth, fight insect infestations and make the leaves easy to strip for harvesting. These chemicals seep into waterways and pollute the air. Furthermore, when cotton is used to make materials such as textiles, the process is anything but green. Why is polyester a greener option? Regular polyester is made from petroleum. Yes, the same petroleum that is being depleted from the earth’s natural resources. Petroleum is a byproduct of processing oil and…

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Eight Unusual Venues You Should Consider For Your Next Event

Feb 6th, 2017

Looking for an exciting venue for your next event? Instead of renting a stuffy hotel ballroom, try one of these eight unusual venues instead. Heritage site Across the country there are gorgeous heritage sites that can be used as event venues. You will have to contact the Federal or Provincial government (depending on the site) to book it and sign…

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6 Print Marketing Trends For 2017

Jan 27th, 2017

While most innovations in just about every field seem to be driven digitally, some of the top marketing and advertising tactics continue to occur in the material world. Generally, the ideal marketing campaign should combine both traditional and digital elements, especially for businesses targeting a local audience. Here are some offline marketing ideas that will give your business an edge…

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Creative Tips For Your 2017 Marketing Campaigns

Jan 20th, 2017

2016 introduced a lot of new and exciting trends in the world of digital and print marketing, most of which will become a mainstay of marketing campaigns by marketers looking to stand out from the competition and maximize their ROI. Integrated marketing aims at combining digital and traditional channels to provide consumers with a seamless experience across multiple platforms that…

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How To Stand Out At Your Trade Show This Year

Jan 13th, 2017

Trade shows are usually packed with potential buyers and PR opportunities, and are one of the best ways for businesses to promote their brands, products, or services. In fact, experts argue that trade shows are one of the most profitable B2B (business-to-business) media strategies. As such, trade shows are an invaluable marketing strategy that every business should capitalize on. But…

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5 Ways To Customise Your Canvas Prints

Jan 6th, 2017

Decorating your walls with a canvas print of your favourite pictures is a great way to add style and panache to your home or office. With access to a range of frames and a plethora of photo-editing tools, you can easily create unique canvas prints that allow you to relive some of the most special moments of your life. Here…

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Tips For Your Brand’s Logo Design

Dec 28th, 2016

There’s more to creating your brand’s visual identity than just joining your company initials and placing them in a circle or some other shape. Your company logo is the first point of interaction between your business and the audience; it must be striking enough to create a good first impression. Your logo is the centrepiece of your brand’s image, and…

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5 Tips For Promoting Your Business Event

Dec 21st, 2016

When promoting a business event, your primary goal is to draw as large a crowd of potential customers as possible. Planning a successful event takes time and effort. Besides choosing a good venue, you must pick an appropriate time for your audience, and communicate to them how attending the event will benefit them. The best approach for promoting a business…

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Budget-Friendly Tips For Print Business Promotion

Dec 14th, 2016

When it comes to promoting your business on a tight budget, many marketers choose to focus on a few digital marketing strategies, like publishing great content, recycling content, and using social media. While these strategies can work for a specific target market, you are likely to yield better results by combining affordable online and offline marketing strategies. Below are some…

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3 Ways To Combine Your Print And Digital Marketing

Dec 7th, 2016

With the advent of digital marketing, some marketers assumed that print marketing would gradually wither and eventually disappear. But this is an unlikely scenario considering that print marketing offers some unique advantages that cannot be obtained with digital marketing, such as environmental targeting, personalization, and tactical interpretation, among others. In fact, skilled marketers have learned to leverage the advantages of…

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