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5 Amazing Applications for Textile Printing

Jan 24th, 2014

Textile printing is the latest trend to come out of the marketing and designing industries. Traditionally, logos and signage were printed on solid materials like poster board. But customers have been demanding more creative ways to get their messages across. And that demand is what’s triggered the craze over textile printing. This method allows colours to be printed onto soft fabrics. Today’s technology has evolved so much that printed hues are more crisp and vibrant than ever. So if you’re considering textile printing for your next project, read on to discover some amazing uses/applications for this innovative method. Signage If you’re tired of creating the same old boring signs on cardboard, then textile printing can give your signage an injection of creativity and pizzazz. Images can easily be printed onto fabric flags, banners, tents and even sails! Let your company logo breeze about in the wind during your office boat…

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Key Elements for a Successful Trade Show Booth

Jan 8th, 2014

How many times have you been to a trade show, only to get lost in a sea of booths that all start to look the same after awhile? Creating a successful booth is an art form in itself and can be quite hard to master even for the most experienced trade show exhibitors. Your display should want to draw people…

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Printing not to be noticed?

Dec 23rd, 2013

Normally when a customer comes to us with a request to print a sign, or backdrop, the overall goal is to be seen and noticed by the customer. But when printing for the TV and Film industry we are often asked to make and install prints that hide original signs or backgrounds., We have all seen it, whether you know…

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The National Bank Launches Dragon Ball

Nov 6th, 2013

Being in the event decoration business we see a lot of great events. This week we were asked by Grace Lau at Aqua event Management to help promote the “Dragon Ball” in support of the Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation. Part of this job entailed printing a dragon decal that was applied at the National Bank branch at Dundas and…

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The Graphic Party of a Lifetime

Nov 6th, 2013

In August we had the challenge to print and install the graphics in the loft at Andrew Richard Designs to convert it into a Havana themed Hotel for Delvinia. This was for a one night party, which we converted back to its original look the next day. A fun part of the job was printing and installing a swimming pool,…

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