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5 Tips For Designing The Perfect Poster

Feb 8th, 2016

Posters are widely considered one of the most effective forms of communicating a promotional message. Businesses across the globe, both small and large, use poster campaigns to inform the general public on the latest products and services within their catalogue. To maximize the value of poster advertising campaigns, business owners must first consider their ideal poser design. In this article, we present five tips for designing the perfect poster. Make it Easy to Read from a Distance The important text within the post should be simple for people to read from a distance. This means that the headline and the description within the post should be crafted using readable text that is in sharp contrast to the background colour. Consider the Poster Location Will the poster be placed on a white wall outside the business? Or on a brick wall outside a train station? It’s important to know the location…

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3 Ways To Use Vinyl Banners Within An Advertising Campaign

Feb 1st, 2016

Business owners have a distinct range of options available through which to promote their organization, and vinyl banners are one of the leading promotional tools. They can be harnessed to capture the attention of a large and diverse audience, so many leaders are now integrating vinyl banners within their 2016 campaigns. In this latest article, we’ll take a look at…

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How To Customize Your Next Party

Jan 29th, 2016

If your birthday is coming up soon or you’re the event planner at your workplace – we have some really cool ways for you to customize your next party. Let’s start with party favours: Craft Beer buckets – for parties with a more mature audience, a small selection of craft beers to take home and sample at the end of…

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Designing The perfect Display Banner Ad

Jan 18th, 2016

Banners are one of the most important parts of an advertising campaign. If you are a marketer or business owner, you understand that having catchy, compelling and clickable ads are the best way to get new business and reach out to existing customers inside and outside of your network. There are many ways to monitor the success of your new…

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8 Awesome Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Jan 11th, 2016

Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner on March 4th! Although it isn’t an official holiday, it is a great way for employers to recognize their valuable, talented and hardworking crew. Employee Appreciation Day was designed to encourage better employer-staff relations. It’s an excellent way for managers or senior level staff to reward and support their workers by showing…

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3 Wall Mural Options For Your Living Room

Jan 4th, 2016

We’ve all had those times when sitting in our homes that we start thinking about how we can update our space. Wall murals are a great way to liven up your living room, sun room, kitchen, bedroom, office, bathroom, recreation room or any other room in your house with a tasteful and beautiful work of art. Murals are any piece…

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Things To Include On Your Promotional Banner

Dec 30th, 2015

When creating a promotional banner for your business or event, you want to keep the message short and snappy, while still providing all the necessary information. First of all, here’s a quick checklist of the information you need to include on your promotional banner: Contact Info/Location: Whether it’s for your business, or for an event, people must know how and…

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How Digital Textile Printing Is Changing Fashion

Dec 23rd, 2015

It’s an exciting time for fashion, with the new technology of digital textile printing make virtually anything possible! Through digital textile printing, you can achieve new levels of precision, and creative expression. How Does It Work? Digital textile printing is ink-jet technology that can print designs directly onto a garment, a t-shirt or dress for example, or can be used…

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Four Posters That Made Their Mark

Dec 14th, 2015

Never underestimate the power of a great poster. From propaganda to advertising to pop culture, there are some images that will always remain in our memory for their power, beauty, message, or cleverness. Here are a few of those powerful posters, the kinds that stick in the collective imagination. Hopefully they can also provide inspiration to you when looking for…

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Get Creative With These New Trends In Wall Decals!

Dec 7th, 2015

Wall decals are a fun, eye-catching way to liven up any room in your house! Not only are wall decals easy to apply, and affordable, they can also be temporary which is great if you’re renting, or if you just don’t want to commit. There are so many options with wall decals. They can be large or small, permanent or…

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