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Why Offset Printing is the Future

Apr 16th, 2018

As the world changes rapidly alongside technological advancements, so, too, has the world of fashion. The introduction of digital textile printing is certainly a newly emerged game changer for the industry. Meanwhile, offset printing promises a brighter future to authors, especially indie authors.

Why Offset Printing Is The Future

Put simply, the technology of inkjet printing has transformed fashion by facilitating direct printing on fabric materials. There are a number of benefits that present themselves with the use of offset printing. These include:

  1. Less waste of fabric

    In the past, printing was done in bulk, after which the fabric would be bought by a designer who would then, use it in whichever way. Today, this is no longer the only option; digital printing allows for the manufacturer to print only what is requested by the client. No more printing in bulk when only the minority of patterns and designs would go appreciated, and the rest to waste.

  2. Print anything you want

    In the past, screen printing entailed many restrictions, some patterns and designs not being suitable to be printed. Now with digital printing, you can present any picture from the internet and see it on your fabric in no time.

  3. Environmental-friendly

    Printing in fashion tends to leave a footprint of pollution. A massive amount of environmental resources leads to an outpouring of air pollutants. Meanwhile, this new method of printing has reduced gallons of water usage while also minimizing chemical usage. The amount if power needed is also stunningly low.

  4. A variety of fabric types

    Cotton, linen, polyester, nylon you name it — any type of fabric can be printed on. Just like with paper, printers will do their job on whatever fabric you bring; afterwards depending on the type of fabric, wash or dry. You can’t go wrong with such a simple process.

  5. Shorter turnaround time

    Say you bring fabric to a manufacturer to get the printing job done. The manufacturer tells you your will be ready to put out in the market in a year – if the manufacturing process is efficient. Gone are such days. With this new technology, you can now release your fabric in less than a month. It may even take as little as three days, depending on the size of the fabric.

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