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Recent Developments in Digital Offset Printing

Nov 2nd, 2018

The most advanced and state of the art technologies currently available on the digital offset printing market have allowed companies to reduce their makeready times as well as their overhead. Quality control has also improved thanks to the latest improvements in digital offset printing. As such, digital printing has enjoyed a resurgence that has allowed current customers to be satisfied while also attracting new clients in the process. Here, we discuss some of the recent developments in digital offset printing and how they are taking the printing industry by storm.New technologies in digital offset printing

Push to Stop Technology

New advancements have allowed operators to queue up to 40 jobs at a given time. As such, both speed and efficiency have drastically improved. Also, turnaround time is a big selling factor in the industry, and Push to Stop technology has allowed for faster makereadies. The new press advancements also allow for plate loading that is far more advanced than what was available just 5 years ago.

Folding Carton Improvements

The offset technology currently available has also been rehauled in regards to folding cartons. Both clients and owners have demanded it, and the industry has responded because of the greater need for consistency. The need for improvements in carton folding technology is absolutely crucial because of the greater need for quality control. For instance, let us imagine that you walk down your local grocer’s aisle and notice a product that has poor design quality, or an entire rainbow of colouring. In such a case, you would be less likely to purchase the product because of the concern that the poor exterior design may reflect the poor interior quality of the contents.

Impressive Advancements

CIP4 for ink key positions and press setup have taken the digital offset printing world by storm. Other advancements include simultaneous plate hangers, side lay free infeed, in-line colour control, auto blanket washers and in-line inspection of imperfections. The end result is more consistent feedings as well as improvements in makeready times. In fact, some companies claim that their makeready times are 20% of what they were just a decade ago. Some even claim that run speeds are now up to 20,000 sheets per hour, which is a vast improvement over the run speeds possible less than 5 years ago.

Colour Control and Coating Capabilities

Inner station drying systems have also undergone impressive advancements. Operators are now able to create truly remarkable effects that were simply not feasible just a few years ago via one single pass through the press. Today, dry inks and coatings can be layered through the press. As such, there are more embellishments and colour amalgamations that are possible with today’s top of the line technology. In other words, more is possible in a single pass than ever before. Having a wide range of colour means more options for customers. Having more options means more customers as well as a customer base that is more satisfied. Precise digital measuring and advancements in ink manufacturing ensure that customers will get the results that they actually desire. This is very important, as the first rule of marketing is that the customer is always right. The second is that a happy customer is a loyal customer, so recent developments in digital offset printing have provided clients with the most options possible.

Soft Touch Coatings

Soft touch coatings are often used today for darker colours. As a result, products now feel more valuable than ever before. In other words, this minor adjustment or embellishment augments a folding carton’s feeling of quality. The new effects that are possible with today’s modern advancements in digital offense printing are truly spectacular. A mesmerizing graphic combination can be achieved with a simple litho press. With such amazing results being possible with relatively affordable technology, both operators and clients can enjoy savings while getting the best return on their investment.

Advancements in Ink Technology

Processes are becoming faster and more automated today. As such, the attributes or characteristics of ink have noticed significant changes with today’s cutting-edge digital offset printing tech. Substrates have also enjoyed an evolution, as the need for recycled substrates has only increased over the last 5 years or so. Evidently, the desire for more recycled substrates than ever before will have a major impact on how ink actually prints, especially at accelerated speeds.

Quality control and colour schemes have never been as important as they are today. The use of press scanners for print consistency has also increased over the last few years. Due to the recent changes companies have now included colour management technology that is actually built in. That is, the process has now become automated in most cases. As can be seen, the recent advancements in ink technology have allowed for improvements in speed without compromising print quality.

We hope we have outlined some of the most recent developments in digital offset printing. The industry continues to evolve in order to accommodate the needs of an increasingly discerning clientele. With so many competitors to deal with companies must now use the latest and greatest technology to get a leg-up on their myriad competitors. The goal is to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide superlative and versatile digital printing services that are reliable and affordable as well.

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