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A Brief Guide to Printing Offset

Apr 9th, 2018

People often wonder if offset book printing is appropriate for the type of project they are doing. Of course, every case is different, but in this guide we will cover the general points to consider in your decision-making process. Even though a lot of books are printed digitally, there will be times when the volume increases, making offset the better choice. Of course, digital books are a great way for printing as little as one book at any given time.

Guide To Offset Printing

You might already know this, but offset is much older, more traditional way to print books. Every set of pages is going to need four of the custom plates created for everyone of the four inks that are used during the printing process. You will find that the press involved is going to be around the size of a smaller warehouse floor. When this press is run, it will be doing so one time. There is not possibility of you going back and printing off some extra books when you are using offset. It is also not going to be possible for you to print one finished proof book before you start with running the press (even though you are able to do that when printing digitally).

Pros of Offset Book Printing

Unlike digital printing, offset becomes a better choice for your budget as soon as the quantity rises. ‘Quantity’ here precisely indicates a minimum volume of around 750 copies for photo books. This amount should increase for trade books and magazines simply because those types take more to be cost-effective, in contrast to digital printing. Once you start printing off thousands of books, your savings will amplify.

Also, keep in mind that production and shipping times for offset printing tend to be drawn out, compared to the times for digital printing. Offset printing requires a bit more involvement than how much basic printing functions mandate. This is when the Large Order Services come in handy for printing books. So far, offset book printing has only been available to professional printers creating many different books per order. However, new companies have emerged to enable you smaller runs, at just as cost-effective conditions.

Digital Textile Printing Heralds the Transformation of Fashion

Digital textile printing is poised to be nothing short of revolutionizing the fashion industry and its manufacturing process. New technology is transforming fashion design and the way garments take shape all over the world. Digital printing effectively reduces much of the costs involved in fashion production, facilitating aspiring designers to get their foot in the field.

Many of fast fashion brands today rely on overseas sourcing and labor to keep production costs low. This makes it hard for smaller brands and new upstarts in the industry to compete. Digital printing levels the playing field by making it possible for any designer in any part of the world to create necessary textiles without having to place a large order with a vendor or wait out long fabric-shipping periods. It removes the need for manufacturing firm connections or facilities inspection via international travels. Types of fabric that were once too expensive for new brands to use can now be replicated at a fraction of the price, equipping new designers to create pieces that rival those of top fashion houses.

Digital printing also allows designers to customize any look for a customer that is totally unique. To mitigate the astronomical costs of traditional fashion manufacturing, designers had to place large orders. For that reason, only celebrities and the rich elites could afford customized looks. Digital printing now changed all of that by equalizing the cost of creating one outfit or forty different outfits. Now, it’s easier than ever to create new and unique looks for each individuals.

Not only does digital textile printing change the way fashion manufacturing is done, but it will also help change fashion design by pushing the boundaries of creativity. Digital printing makes it easy for designers to create new prints conceived purely out of their imagination. There are no limits to how many colors and effects digital printing can incorporate into one piece of fabric. This allows innovative endeavors to be accomplished much faster than ever.

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