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Creative Tips For Your 2017 Marketing Campaigns

Jan 20th, 2017

2016 introduced a lot of new and exciting trends in the world of digital and print marketing, most of which will become a mainstay of marketing campaigns by marketers looking to stand out from the competition and maximize their ROI. Integrated marketing aims at combining digital and traditional channels to provide consumers with a seamless experience across multiple platforms that share the same creative design and tone to reinforce a singular message.

Marketing Campaigns 2017 - A Creative Outlook

Rather than focusing on a change from traditional offline marketing to digital marketing, you should find ways to make the two approaches complement each other. When attempting digital marketing, try to replicate strategies that you are familiar with, rather than starting strategies that are completely new. Here are some tips to help with your marketing campaigns in 2017.

Replicate Direct Mail Campaigns

If you already have a successful direct mail campaign model, whereby you buy or rent prospect mailing lists and send direct mail pieces to generate sales, you can probably also generate sales by buying or renting email lists and creating email campaigns.

Transfer TV and Radio Ads to Online Video Media

You can also replicate successful TV and radio ads online by converting them into videos that can be used as targeted pre-roll YouTube ads. Online video ads allow you to target your specific audience and link directly to your website. This makes it easier to generate sales than using TV or radio ads that require people to make a call or input a website address for more information.

Use Print Advertising to Create Identical Banner Ads

Any form of print marketing advertisement you create, such as a banner, newspaper, magazine, or billboard ad can be easily modified into an online banner ad. You can then purchase online real estate from locally-focused websites, such as local online news websites, to place your banner ads. This will allow you to reach the same audience as the print ads, but with a direct link to your website.

Alternatively, you can use the print ads to create a Google AdWords campaign. The objective is to use images and content that has been proven to work with your target audience, because if the content was successful offline, tweaking it for a digital marketing campaign should also prove to be successful.

Use Face-to-Face Interactions to Develop Online Content

Take advantage of networking events and trade shows to identify the products or services that your customers and prospects are most interested in, and use those topics to guide your content marketing campaign.

Final Note

Keep in mind that a good content marketing plan should include website content, email marketing campaigns, and social media campaigns. It should also be clearly defined, built on research, and have measurable outcomes so you can build on it progressively.

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