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How To Choose The Best Colour Scheme For Your Logo

Aug 9th, 2017

Your logo is the visual symbol that serves to identify your business from the rest. It will be placed on your products, your auto decals, promotional items, and just about everything related to your company. At the same time, your logo is more than just a symbol. Your logo communicates much more than you likely realize. Business need to think about who they are as a company and how they can communicate this in their logo.

Choosing Logo Colour Scheme

A key component of logo design is colour. Colour alone communicates a lot about your brand and studies have proven this time and time again. Blue, for example, tends to signify trust. Web design and marketing company WebPageFX found that people make subconscious judgements about products in less than 90 seconds, and between 62% and 90% of that decision is based on colour alone. With colour playing such an important role in logo design, here is how to choose your colour scheme based on the psychology of colour.

How to Choose the Best Colour Scheme For Your Logo

In other words, what effect do you want your business to have on others? Do you want to create trust?

  • Red (Encourages People to Task Risks)

    The colour red encourages people to take risks. It increases heart rate and is used by restaurants to stimulate appetite.

  • Yellow (Represents Optimism)

    Yellow represents optimism and youthfulness and is used by window shoppers in order to grab their attention. Yellow is another high arousal colour just like the colour red.

  • Blue (Trust and Security)

    The colour blue has been proven to create trust and security in a brand. It also communicates a sense of productivity, which is why it’s often the chosen colour among those in the corporate world.

  • Orange (A Friendly, Confident Brand)

    Orange signifies a friendly and confident brand. At the same time, it also has a level of aggression about it. That’s why it’s effective at getting people to act, whether that’s “buy now” or “subscribe.”

  • Green (Symbolizes Relaxation & Wealth)

    Businesses use the colour green if they want customers to relax. It is also associated with wealth.

  • Purple (Represents a Wise, Creative Brand)

    Purple is often used in beauty products because of its ability to create a sense of calmness. It is also often used to symbolize a creative and wise brand.

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