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6 Creative Logos From Small Companies

Mar 30th, 2016

The impression a good logo can make will last…well, forever, if it’s powerful enough. It can linger in the customer’s mind long after they’ve seen it, guaranteeing they’ll remember both what your company is named and what your brand image looks like.

Excluding the massive companies like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s whose logos everybody knows, which companies have the most attention-grabbing, creative logos? We’re taking a look at six companies on the smaller side who are making a great impression with their unique and creative logos.

Timber Press

Timber Press Logo

Timber Press’s logo conveys a lot of ideas in a very simple, quick way: There’s a T in there for the company’s name, timber falling to reinstate the brand, and a tree – this logo perfectly represents everything that Timber Press, who sell books on botany and gardening, has to offer.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK Logo

The logo for charity Cancer Research UK has a colour scheme you could almost call ‘pretty,’ but it also conveys an important message – it shows the big C, representing the cancer itself, disintegrating away.


The logo For Innocent

The logo for Innocent, a healthy smoothie-making company who work with Coca-Cola and McDonalds, looks exactly as the name suggests: innocent. The simplicity of the logo and it’s bubbly appearance is enough to appeal to both children and adults alike, opening the branding possibilities to many generations.

Miely Publishing

Miely Publishing Logo

Miely Publishing is a company so small it doesn’t even have a website, but it does have a well-designed logo that’s gentle on the eyes and memorable: a book opening up into a flower; a perfect representation of a publication house who concentrates on botanical books.

The Mentoring Project

The Mentoring Project Logo

Non-profit organisation The Mentoring Project is another one with a cute logo – it uses a pair of elephants to appeal to that part of almost all of us that loves animals. Furthermore, it sums up the ethos of the company perfectly, with an adult elephant showing the infant elephant how to navigate deep waters.

Eighty 20

Eighty 20’s Logo

Eighty 20’s logo is extremely clever if you know where to look: it’s binary! The blue squares represent ones and the grey squares represent zeroes. This makes the logo say 1010000, which is 80 in binary, and 0010100, which is 20. Definitely a logo that takes more thought than others might, but one that will make a lasting impression.

If you have a creative company logo that you want to show off to the world, Club Ink can help you. We’ve used company logos to brand on banners, company swag, car decals and much more. Contact our team today for more information!

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