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6 Brilliant Resources For Logo Designers

Oct 10th, 2016

A strong logo is one of an organization’s greatest assets. Today, you can find just about every imaginable monogram and icon, as well as all forms of logos. Yet, designers are tasked with taking commonplace images, geometric shapes, and letterforms and transforming them into a unique and meaningful form.

The Best Resources For Aspiring Logo Designers

Fortunately, this is also a unique time with a breadth of opportunities and possibilities to design in ways that were not possible in the past. To help you learn more about logo design, these resources will prove to be most helpful:

  1. Logo of the day

    This platform was started in 2008 as a project by graphic designer Jacob Cass to feature one awesome logo per day. The designs to be featured are suggested by the design community, though Cass decides those to be featured for the day. Considering how long the platform has been running, Logo of the Day has a massive archive of brilliant logos to inspire you.

  2. Logoed

    This is a blog showcasing thumbnails of attractive logo designs. You can view as many as you want to by simply scrolling down the homepage. The site was constructed more than a decade ago, so it has a plethora of different logos in its archives. For more information on a specific design, simply click on it.

  3. LogoLounge

    This is a great platform for logo research, inspiration, discussion and reference. LogoLounge was formed to provide designers with a more efficient way to find information and reference material for logos. Today, the site has around 200,000 examples, plus designers can share ideas with peers and patrons across the globe.

  4. Logospire

    This is a logo design gallery with over a dozen pages of sample logo designs to inspire any designer. The site has a simple grid web layout that is easy to navigate. There are minimal details with each design, so you will have to draw the connection between the logo and brand or organization.

  5. Brand New

    This is a branch of a graphic design enterprise known as “Under Construction” that offers opinions on brand identity and corporate work. It is a great platform for designers looking for information on the latest trends in logo design, as well as tips and displays of dazzling logo designs.


There are many other resources for logo designers, but if you need just one, well-rounded resource, you may want to consider LogoGala. This design blog is very popular among the creative community, owing to its awesome gallery, informative news section and a “Featured Logo” section where artists can explain the design process of the logo in question.

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