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3 Tips For Updating Your Logo Design

May 22nd, 2017

Logos are vital in today’s marketplace, and they serve as a visual representation of your company’s identity. So it’s essential to create a memorable logo that clearly expresses your business’ brand.

Updating Logo Design

Unfortunately, many logos don’t age well. Colour choices or design features that were popular 10 years ago may no longer be effective at marketing your brand. If your company’s logo is no longer connecting with your customers, then the following tips can help you update your logo design for better results.

  1. Simplify Your Logo
    If you have a logo that’s busy or cluttered, you may need to create a simpler version. Minimalism is a popular trend these days and is making its way into a number of industries, including home design, fashion, and technology.

    A logo that’s too busy may not clearly convey your brand message. Take a look at your logo and determine if there are any unnecessary elements that could be removed.

    Are there symbols or other details that could be getting in the way of your brand? By stripping down your logo and simplifying its message, you can better communicate to your target audience.

  2. Update Your Colour Scheme
    The colours you use in your logo are a significant part of the message that you’re presenting to consumers.

    Studies have shown how colour influences the way people feel. Yellow tends to lift a person’s mood while blue tones can create a calming effect.

    You should also consider how bright your colours will be. Products that are for children might be best served using bright primary colours. For a more professional impression, choose muted colours that convey authority and credibility.

  3. Update Your Font
    Using different fonts can change the way a message is received and understood, and you can use typography to express your company’s personality.

    Consider the image that your company wants to convey. Do you want the public to see your business as dependable, stylish, creative, traditional, or modern? What trait do you want consumers to associate most with your brand? Decide on your company’s primary characteristics, and use a font that represents those traits.

It’s important to make a strong impression on consumers if you’re going to succeed in today’s marketplace. Logos are a powerful way to encourage brand recognition and convey your company’s identity.

By evaluating your current logo and making the right changes, you can easily clarify your message and connect more deeply with your audience.

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