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3 Logo Design Trends For 2016

Feb 22nd, 2016

Logos are a critical element in an effective marketing campaign. They help communicate a brand’s operational ethos and give a market-wide identity to a company.

2016 Logo Design Trends

This means designing a logo is one of the most important initial processes of any marketing campaign.

In this latest article, our experts highlight three logo design trends for 2016, and what these design trends mean for those crafting their own logo this year.

  1. Multi Coloured Logos
  2. Mono-coloured logos were widely popular for new brands in 2015, as they sought out classic options that would appeal to a large audience. However, the new trends reflect a more discerning method of logo design. Companies are now set to use multi-coloured logos in 2016 as they attempt to establish their individual brand within their marketplace.

  3. Negative Space
  4. The use of negative space is widespread in web design, where design teams use the element to bring focus to their fonts and engage online customers. But negative space is also now becoming popular in logo designs. Negative space can add coherence to a logo and make the entire design more interesting and easier to read for the viewer.

  5. Hand Made Logos
  6. Calligraphy is a means to establishing a handmade look within a logo design. This is set to become all the more important in 2016 as consumers search for brands that offer authenticity within their marketing and can offer a streamlined connection to their audiences.

  7. Vintage Logos
  8. Consumers have long been fascinating with vintage designs that carry the style of a past generation. The vintage logo design is now widely used by restaurants and clubs as they look to establish their link to the past and their prestige within the marketplace.

    Now, growing companies from all industries are set to harness vintage logos in 2016, as they capitalize on a trend designed to engage a range of audiences.

  9. Gradient Colouring
  10. Gradient colouring has long been a staple of tech industry logos. But in 2016, more companies are expected to produce logos with a gradient effect. Soft innovative shapes that can be produced by gradients are easily integrated within a variety of logo styles.

The trends highlighted in this article are set to enter the hub of discussion within the logo design marketplace for 2016. To discover more on the market’s latest trends, speak with our trusted team directly today!

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