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3 Elements Of Logo Design You Need To Include To Have Your Logo Stand Out

Mar 27th, 2017

While having your logo stand out is just one element of a good design, it should not be overlooked. With that, here are three elements of logo design you need to include in order to have your logo stand out:

Logo Design To Make Your Logo Stand Out

  1. Simplicity
    It may seem counterintuitive, but when you examine the elements of effective logo designs used by industry leaders, simplicity is always at the very top of the list. People are drawn to simple things because they are easy to process. If your logo is too complex, people will simply not give it any attention.

    A good way to test if your logo is too complex is to show a picture of your potential logo to someone and see if it can be easily remembered. If not, it may be too complex. In order to have your logo stand out, simplicity, with the use of minimal colours, will provide a strong foundation in order for your logo to stand out among the rest.

  2. Memorability: a little bit of the unexpected
    Memorability is an important element in logo design because it ultimately leads to repeat customers. One way to accomplish this task is by adding a hint of the unexpected to your logo. Apple’s logo, for example, takes a very simple image (the apple) but adds a bite mark to it. This unexpected detail adds something unexpected and makes it more likely to be remembered. Apply the same method here as you did above: Test to see if your logo is easily recalled. This will guide you as to whether or not your logo is memorable.

    It can also be helpful to look at your competition to see what they are doing in order to create a more unique and compelling logo.

  3. Timeless (not trendy)
    Trends are here today and gone tomorrow. A trendy logo will either be dismissed or attract the wrong kind of attention. Most importantly, you want your logo to be timeless so that in five years, all elements of your logo, whether the typeface or the graphics, won’t seem outdated. While all logos naturally change in slight ways over time (for example, take a look at the Starbucks’ logo) you do not want to have to change your logo completely and start from the beginning.

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