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How Wall Decals Can Enhance the Look of Your Business

Feb 5th, 2014

Wall DecalsCompanies can spend thousands of dollars decorating their offices and retail locations. In many cases, that’s an unnecessary expense that they could avoid by using wall decals. Wall decals offer an affordable way to enhance the look of your business. Before upgrading your company’s look, consider the benefits of choosing wall decals.

Wall Decals are Customizable

Professional printers can make wall decals in practically any shape and colour. Having someone paint your business’s logo on a wall could cost a lot of money. There’s also a good chance that the artist could make a mistake that will affect your business’s look for years to come. With wall decals, you get an exact replication of your image.

Wall Decals Go With You

Business owners can choose to purchase temporary wall decals that they can place on their walls, windows, or other surfaces. Removable decals make it possible for you to adjust your business’s look quickly.

Two-Sided Wall Decals

Many offices and stores have clear walls or windows. Clear walls let owners divide buildings into separate areas while maintain the appearance of an open floor plan.

Those clear walls also give owners the perfect opportunity to use two-sided wall decals. Two-sided wall decals let you enhance the appearance of two rooms without spending twice the money. You get more value from your branding.

Wall Decals Identify Areas

You can use wall decals to do more than identify your company’s brand. You can also use them to tell people how to use your building’s spaces.

Use wall decals to label different parts of your store. If you own a hardware store, for instance, you might want decals that say:

  • fasteners
  • tools
  • appliances
  • paint

Place the decals on the walls so customers know where to find the products they want.

You can also use wall decals to tell people where they can find exits, stairways, elevators, and other parts of the building. You don’t have to spend money on electric signs that require maintenance and installation.

Wall decals offer plenty of advantages that can enhance the look of companies. How would you like to use decals at your business?

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