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How Vehicle Graphics Help in Branding

Aug 25th, 2014

Developing a brand identity is a key part of any successful business. Your brand is the name and symbol which identifies your product in a competitive market. As such, you want your unique and recognizable brand to be immediately associated with your product or service by anyone who sees it.

Vehicle Graphics

But where will you showcase your brand? In addition to your storefront or business signage, your brand appears on your business cards, your website, your radio and TV ads, your online and print ads… All companies share their brand with the usual suspects. But increased exposure like vehicle graphics can give you a leg-up on the competition! IT’s extremely effective advertising and after the initial cost, you are advertising for free across any roads you occupy.

Mobile billboards

Vehicle graphics are effectively mobile billboards. Depending where you drive and park, your brand could be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of people daily. Increasing customer awareness of your product or service is proven to lead to improvements in sales, and this is one of the most inexpensive ways to do that.

According to the European Outdoor Advertising Association, vehicle graphics as mobile billboards “boost product and name recognition fifteen times greater than anything else available”.

Local advertising

Including your branding on your vehicle is a great way of increasing brand awareness in your local community. As you drive around your area, your potential local customers will begin to associate your product or service with the community. This is a great draw for people who prefer to spend their money locally, which boosts the local economy.

Wider audience

If you have a fleet of vehicles, or if your drivers travel greater distances than your local area, your vehicle graphics will help spread your brand across the province, country, or even internationally if you do business in the States.

What to include on your mobile billboard

What type of vehicle graphic should you invest in? Although this depends on the size of your vehicle, and whether you choose a graphic or a wrap, you should stick to basic design principles, like keeping it simple. The best and most easily recognized logos are very simple, and are often just one colour.

You’re raising awareness of your brand, so you want your logo, your company message, and your contact information easy to read, even when the vehicle is moving. Viewers must be left knowing what your business supplies, and how to order it.

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