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How To Repair Your Vinyl Banner

Mar 12th, 2015

Vinyl is an extremely durable material that’s used for creating many signs and banners for businesses because of its strength. Usually the vinyl is coated in weather resilient sprays and is hemmed so that a longer lasting lifetime is guaranteed.

Damaged Vinyl Banners

However damage to the banner can be done, even when you care for it properly.

Vinyl banners are usually displayed outside. Whether this is true or not for your situation, there are many ways in which the banner might acquire some damage. These damages usually include tears, fading and other minor troubles.

With so much effort going into banners for your company, you want them to stay in good condition. Of course, you can take the banner to get repaired professionally, but there are some ways that you can handle minor repairs on your own.

How to Fix Damaged Vinyl Banners

There are many of the ways to fix vinyl signs are quick and can be done on a moment’s notice, but this majorly depends on what happened to the banner and to which spot the damage was done.

One of the most common issues that need to be addressed are the grommets.

The grommet is the metal piece covering the holes where rope can goes through, making them necessary in displaying your banner. Without the grommet, the holes could easily tear further, causing even more damage.

To fix a grommet, it will need to be replaced. This is a rather easy process but requires the right tools, including a pliers, a rubber mallet and new grommets. Simply remove the damaged grommet with the pliers, line up your new grommet to sandwich your vinyl sign, and use the rubber mallet to secure it in place.

Although this is a fast fix, the better option would be not having to fix it in the first place! By distributing the weight evenly when hanging the banner, and using all grommet holes to pull the banner tight for hanging, you can avoid losing the grommets.

When a tear occurs to the signage, use another piece of vinyl material to tape on the underside of the tear. Strong glue or specialty tape can also be used for the repair. If the tear is closer to the hem, consider hemming the banner again. This requires the use of a sewing machine, but anyone with a beginner’s knowledge of sewing will be able to successfully repair this area!

With all of the small damages that might occur to your vinyl banner, it is important to remember that proper care is the only thing that will keep it in pristine condition. Take care of your banner and you’ll be able to use it for years to come!

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