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How To Promote Your Business At A Home Show

Feb 12th, 2015

Without a doubt, attending a home show can be a fantastic opportunity for your business. You have the opportunity to meet potential customers or clients. You also have the ability to learn about other businesses in your sector that you could partner or collaborate with.

Improve Business At Home Show

However, you can’t just show up shouting at passers-by and expect to get a positive response. In order to successfully promote your business at a home show, you need careful planning and preparation.

Below, you will find a few materials and strategies that you can employ to improve your home show experience.

  • Outreach
  • The task of bringing attention to your table starts long before the show doors open. In the weeks and days leading up to the show, start raising awareness about your attendance.

    For local events, you can try putting up posters in highly trafficked areas around town. Email is low cost, but sending physical mail like postcards or simple promotional items to clients and other attendees works well.

    Don’t forget build buzz on your website and on social media! The eyes on these platforms are usually your target market, so keep this audience informed on your businesses’ happenings.

  • Banners
  • Once the show starts, you need your table to be eye-catching and easy to find. Retractable banners that you pull up to display are a great way to do this.

    These banners are easy to transport, but expand to become a large display. Aim for a simple and welcoming design and don’t try to jam pack your banner with lots of details and text. A banner that’s dense with text is difficult to read at a glance and will likely be ignored in the busy show environment.

    The main goal of the banner is to identify your business and entice people to approach. Once they’ve stopped at your table, you can explain the details of your business face-to-face.

  • Table skirt
  • The guidelines for a good table skirt are similar to those for banners. Something visually pleasing and simple makes your table stand out, without being too over stimulating.

  • Promotional products
  • There’s a sunning variety of promotional products that you can have your logo printed on. Simple products like pens, tech gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, and novelty items like sunglasses that double as bottle openers are all things that will help keep your brand on the top of your prospective clients’ mind. Have a little fun and find some useful and enjoyable products that you can hand out to attendees!

  • Customized shirts
  • Printed clothing for your representatives at the show are a great way to get your image out there. Whether you want to project an air of professional sophistication or a carefree attitude, there are shirt designs to fit your needs. Not only will they help you look sharp while you’re at your table, they will make your brand visible as you move around the show.

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