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The Power of Minimalist Signs

Dec 18th, 2014

When you have a lot to say about your brand, you want to get that message out there as clearly and accurately as possible. Unfortunately all that information makes for quite the messy design.

Minimalist Signs

Chances are you’ve tried hard to cram your idea into a small space, but it’s just hasn’t worked. So why not try the less is more approach?

Sometimes getting your idea across with little to no words is more powerful than wordy messaging. An uncluttered sign will catch the eye better than one that features a jumble of wording and colours.

It is possible to say what you need to say simply and clearly, and that’s with minimalist design.

Minimalist signs hold much power. Driving through your city, you may notice advertising on billboards. The ones you remember are short and concise, feature little to no text and grab your attention in the short time it takes you to drive by them.

Good advertisers understand that they only have a little time to get you to remember their product. With minimalist signs you see their product, you retain the ad, and all it takes is one quick glance.

When you create signage for your business, your goal should be to get customers coming through the door, not staring at your sign trying to read what it says.

Your sign should act as a showcase for your company. If it’s too wordy, it will confuse potential customers. They’ll stand outside your shop thinking, “What do they do here? I’m not going to read all of this.” Your potential customer walks away scratching their head while you scratch your head wondering why. They might’ve benefitted from your services, but you’ve lost them to your wordy, cluttered sign.

Minimalist signage usually features few words and pictures. If you run a bar and on Thursday night’s you offer a special on Buffalo wings, you want to get people in so you come up with this:

Thursday Night’s We Have A Special On Buffalo Wings. Come In And Enjoy A Plate For Only $3.99. They Come In Mild, Medium, Spicy And Fire! How hot can you handle?

Yes, you’ve explained the special and given clients’ the price and types of wings they can order, but if you put this novella on a sign nobody will take the time to read it.

Instead try something like this:

Buffalo Wing Thursday’s Only $3.99.

Add your company logo and you’re all set. You can even go more minimalist and use only a picture of the wings, the day of the week and the price.

Remember, minimal signs are powerful and this is power you want to harness and turn into more business for your company.

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