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How To Advertise Using Floor Graphics

Nov 14th, 2016

The floor is a rather unusual place to place ads. But owing to the vastness of the real estate, advertisers can create large and colourful floor graphics with good recall and superior level of acceptance since they do not interfere with customer purchase.

3 Ideas For Using Floor Graphics To Reach Your Customers

Floor graphics and ads are being used for marketing purposes, and give the retailer an opportunity to get a significant price for the floor space. They are a form or Point of Purchase advertising where stickers of a product are pasted on the floor where a product is shelved to seek customer attention and provide some input at a critical point in the purchasing process. These graphics indirectly influence consumers to recall and may eventually lead to buying or developing intent to buy the product.

There are many possibilities for placing floor stickers to advertise, including:

At The Entrance

Placing stickers on the floor at the entrance of a store or other business can help raise awareness of a certain campaign, activity, or drive from the instant a prospect or consumer walks through the door. These floor graphics create a remarkable visual and outstanding connection to a similar marketing campaign via other media.

Floor graphics placed at the entrance also enhance the consumer’s feeling that there is something fascinating going on at the point of sale, such as a tasting event, a drive for a new product, or an activity around a festival, among others.

Near The Shelf

Placing floor graphics near the shelf is a fantastic way to make your products stand out in categories where a range of brands have crowded the shelf area. Floor stickers help to create an optical extension of the shelf area and virtually increase the space taken up by your brand, essentially increasing your visibility relative to your competitors.

Creating A Path

You can place customized footprint stickers, a path of arrows, or some kind of ‘red carpet’ path of floor stickers to draw local attention, or perhaps as the primary element. The path allows the consumer to be led or directed from their current location to a point where some form of activity is taking place, like a product stand, pre-sales activities, etc.

Besides reaching customers as they shop, floor graphics can be used to promote an event, direct traffic, reinforce brand identity, or decorate for a special event. Floor stickers are created to last, and can be easily cleaned using standard procedures for floor cleaning without distorting the message.

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