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The Graphic Party of a Lifetime

Nov 6th, 2013

In August we had the challenge to print and install the graphics in the loft at Andrew Richard Designs to convert it into a Havana themed Hotel for Delvinia. This was for a one night party, which we converted back to its original look the next day.

A fun part of the job was printing and installing a swimming pool, with no water. The 18 foot x 8 foot pool was made with a removable vinyl that had a slip proof floor over laminate so people wouldn’t trip and fall into the water.

We also changed exterior signs with the new sign face using gatorfoam that was held in place by Velcro. We installed removable graphics on the bar, reception desk, ceiling beams and block walls. All in all a fun job.

The overall look was great, the theme party was a success, and everyone enjoyed the quick trip to Cuba.

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