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7 Ways To Customize Your Home

Feb 4th, 2015

Your home should both be a reflection of your personality and a place where you feel comfortable. It should be a space where you enjoy being!

Custom Home Decor Tips

So why settle for boring white walls or mass-produced generic decorations when there are so many possibilities for custom home decor? No matter if you want a sleek, subtle and modern look, or a vibrant décor that bursts with colour and energy, there are options available to you.

For those seeking inspiration to get their imagination going, check out these examples of fun and unique home customization!

  1. Art Posters
  2. The posters that you buy from the store or online can be fun, but if you really want to liven up your home with a personal touch, you can get your own custom posters printed. If you or a family member is a painter, a graphic designer, or a photographer, you can turn that work into fun and unique posters.

  3. Wall Murals
  4. For an even more bold visual statement then posters, you can get a full sized wall mural printed. Whether it’s a simple graphic design or a high-resolution photograph of your favorite vista, a wall sided print makes for a stunning addition to your home.

  5. Family Crest
  6. Does your family have a historic crest or coat of arms? Bring some of that personal history into your home décor by having it printed on fabric so you can hang it over your mantle like a tapestry.

  7. Decals
  8. Adhesive decals are a fun and modern way of bringing colour and pattern into your home. For example, a floral or abstract pattern in silhouette in a bright colour makes a cool visual statement. They are available in both permanent and removable forms.

  9. Get Organised
  10. If clutter is keeping you down, you can print up some customized labels for all your storage boxes and jars. With a unified visual theme, your organization won’t just be useful – it will look good, too!

  11. Floor Graphics
  12. Decals don’t have to only go on the walls! Get creative with designs you could put on the floor. If you have children in the house, you could lay down some fun patterns or game boards in their playroom or bedroom.

  13. Flags
  14. If you have a flagpole in your yard or by your front door, considered hoisting up a personalized flag. It’s easier than you might imagine to get custom images and patterns printed onto fabric for a flag like no other.

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