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5 Amazing Applications for Textile Printing

Jan 24th, 2014

151437_160114_photo_AgnieszkaSTextile printing is the latest trend to come out of the marketing and designing industries. Traditionally, logos and signage were printed on solid materials like poster board. But customers have been demanding more creative ways to get their messages across. And that demand is what’s triggered the craze over textile printing. This method allows colours to be printed onto soft fabrics. Today’s technology has evolved so much that printed hues are more crisp and vibrant than ever.

So if you’re considering textile printing for your next project, read on to discover some amazing uses/applications for this innovative method.


If you’re tired of creating the same old boring signs on cardboard, then textile printing can give your signage an injection of creativity and pizzazz. Images can easily be printed onto fabric flags, banners, tents and even sails! Let your company logo breeze about in the wind during your office boat cruise, or create small customized flags to hand out at your son’s baseball game for a championship match well-played. Soft fabric signage also allows you to beautifully drape your message over furniture. The options are endless when it comes to textile printing!


Perhaps you’re looking for printed curtains depicting lovely florals or even a retro design. But finding window coverings that suit your tastes is often a tricky task. The team at Club Ink can easily transfer your favourite patterns onto fabric curtains for personal use. No more pulling your hair out over that in-store design that doesn’t come in your shade of blue. Simply bring your images to us and we’ll show you how to incorporate them into your home decor using textile printing methods.

Sports Jerseys/T-Shirt

Nothing says teamwork like sports jerseys and t-shirts emblazoned with your group’s logo. Foster sportsmanship and camaraderie with textile printed-apparel. Today’s technology allows for the seamless transfer of images on all types of clothing and fabrics. Bring in your customized logo and we’ll get it printed onto whatever type of material you choose.

Table Cloths/Napkins

When our clients are looking for ways to customize their wedding or banquet decor, we suggest textile printing. Whether you’re looking for small monograms on table napkins or your favourite edging design on long table cloths, textile printing is your best bet. With thousands of ink hues to choose from, we can individualize entertainment decor to suit your tastes perfectly!

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