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Seven Tips For Marketing Your Next Event

Apr 25th, 2017

Tips For Marketing Your Next Event

Marketing plays a crucial role in ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. Without the proper marketing in place, your event may not attract the right people or no one at all. However, if you follow the below marketing tips, your next event will have people RSVPing in droves.

  1. Social media
    Take advantage of your company’s social media accounts to market your next event. Tweet and share the details of your event on your Facebook and Twitter pages. You should also leverage Instagram and Snapchat as ways to market your event because both platforms allow you to use visual means instead of straight text.
  2. Create an event page
    You no doubt have a website for your company. Now, you need to make a separate page for your event. An event page should have all the details about the event and feature a prominent link on your website’s homepage so that people will be prompted to click on it.
  3. Posters and online banners

    Marketing your next event calls for posters and banners. The posters should be placed where people can see them throughout your city and the banners should be all over the internet. If you have the budget for a billboard, even better. An important thing to remember about making banners, billboards and other ads for your event is that you need to be creative. Unique ads get noticed and bring people to your event. Plus, creative ads become collectors’ items that you can auction off or giveaway at the event.

  4. Blog

    Blogging is a marketing strategy that not only drives traffic to your website, it can also promote whatever you want it to, in this case, your event. When you employ a blogger or multiple writers to create posts for your company, you can devote entire blogs to your next event. You can even blog about the upcoming event months before it takes place to get people excited about it. Make sure to link your blog to your event page.

  5. Sponsors

    If you can secure sponsorship for your next event, this is a great marketing tool. Your sponsor may have a bigger following than your company does. This allows you to take advantage of their reach to boost your own.

  6. Tell the local media

    People still watch the news on TV. Tell your local news about your event and have them promote it live on air and on their event calendar or local happenings page.

  7. Network at other events

    You’re not the only company throwing a bash. Don’t turn down invites to other events. Instead, go to them and promote your own event. Talk about your upcoming event to attendees and create a buzz. Though, don’t parade around an event like you’re a walking billboard for your upcoming affair. Strike up conversations with guests and then plug your event once the conversation permits. Keep the conversation organic and lightly promote your event without bringing it up out of nowhere.

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