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Five Tips For Rebranding

Apr 4th, 2017

Tips For Rebranding

Rebranding provides a great way to move forward but it needs to be done correctly. If you follow these five tips, your new branding will be met with much success.

  1. New logo, new brand

    Well, not exactly. But, a new logo should be an important part of your rebranding strategy. Your logo should reflect who you are and what your brand stands for. If you are rebranding, your old logo has to go; however, you don’t have to scrap it entirely. Your logo should be tweaked to showcase where your brand is now and where it’s going. Sports franchises rebrand at least once per decade and with each rebrand, there’s a new logo and different uniforms. They usually keep their colour schemes but adjust their logo.

  2. Go modern

    Retooling an older brand? Move forward with it. Think about where your brand is headed and forget about the past. Look at the industry your company operates in and figure out where it’s going. Use this as a way to modernize your brand so that as the industry goes into the future, so does your company.

  3. Hire a creative team
    No one should undertake a rebranding exercise alone. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and outside of your company. There are branding experts out there who will take your brand to the next level. These experts come with an entire team of designers, copywriters, marketers and researchers who will take everything your brand has stood for, currently stands for and will stand for when creating an efficient rebranding strategy.
  4. Don’t change your name if you don’t need to
    A name change may seem like a good idea for a rebrand but don’t start brainstorming new monikers just yet. Not all name changes work. Radio Shack tried to rebrand as The Shack and it backfired, whereas when Federal Express became FedEx it boosted their brand.
  5. Take your time
    You may not be able to rebrand overnight. Even if you hire a creative team to create your rebranding strategy, give them time to get their work done. Don’t rush your rebrand, otherwise you may have to do it all again in a year or two.

Once you’ve completed the rebrand, introduce your new brand slowly. Springing a new logo design and branding initiative on your customers may not work out in your favour. Instead, create a campaign that slowly unveils your company’s new look and your customers are sure to remain loyal to your brand.

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