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5 Ways To Customise Your Canvas Prints

Jan 6th, 2017

Decorating your walls with a canvas print of your favourite pictures is a great way to add style and panache to your home or office. With access to a range of frames and a plethora of photo-editing tools, you can easily create unique canvas prints that allow you to relive some of the most special moments of your life. Here are some ideas to personalize your canvas prints.

How To Make Your Canvas Prints Stand Out

  1. Use Special Effects

    There are many different types of special effects you can use to edit your photos to create custom canvas prints. You can choose a unique colour theme that resonates with the ambiance of the room where you plan to hang the canvas; edit the picture so it looks like an oil painting; emphasize some of the areas of your image with a combination of black and white and colour using the colour splash feature; or try out any of the other special effects available in most photo-editing software to create a distinct piece.

  2. Accentuate Unique Elements in Your Image

    You can take advantage of different canvas orientations – landscape or portrait – to trick the eye and make some special features appear larger than they are. You can use the landscape orientation to make your prints appear longer, or stretch a single image across multiple portrait canvases to create the same effect.

  3. Use Multiple Canvases to Perk Up Ordinary Images

    You can make ordinary images of flowers, landscapes, or monochrome art look dazzling in a canvas print by spreading them across a multi-panel canvas (splitting the image and printing it on three different canvases) or repeating the image over a symmetrical cluster canvas mosaic, like in a grid (creating two identical canvas prints).

  4. Create a Collage

    Rather than printing each image on its own canvas, you can create a collage using your best pictures to create a single, larger canvas print. You can even use a collage to tell a pictorial story, or to commemorate an important event.

  5. Try Different Framing Options

    Canvas prints don’t need to be framed, especially when going for the contemporary look and feel. However, you can add a frame to protect the prints from the elements, to create a sturdy point for hanging them, or as part of your design. There are different frame designs and colours to choose from to suit your preferences.

Creating custom canvas prints is fairly easy, and you don’t even need any special skills to do it. Simply experiment with different colours and textures, and then match your image to the ambiance of your setting. Use multiple panels or cluster canvases to fill blank wall spaces.

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