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5 Ways To Customize A Farewell Party

Jul 18th, 2016

A farewell party, or “Bon Voyage” if you like is organized in honour of people planning on going on a long trip, or moving away. This can be a rather hard party to organize considering that the person leaving might be a family member, close colleague, or very close friend. But the idea is to create a memorable event that will be the highlight of the time you spent together.

How To Customize A Farewell Party

So, how do you up the hype? Here are a few ideas to personalize a farewell party:

  1. Pick a theme

    Choose a theme that honours the guest of honour – person leaving. The ideal theme would be something that highlights the next phase of this person’s journey with hints of your current and past life together.

    For a friend moving away, you may want to choose a theme about your friend’s favourite things in the current place or the new place; perhaps include some local cuisines and culture stuff. For a work colleague moving to a different company, the theme may revolve around some of the great work that this person did while working with you.

    Details of the theme you select should be added to everything, including food, invitations, decorations, etc.

  2. Dress up

    Fancy dress can make the party different and special. Send invitations asking guests to show up in costumes relating to the theme, or perhaps of things that the person disliked or won’t miss much, like politicians, celebrities, etc.

  3. Make decorations

    The party venue should be decorated to match the theme. For instance, if your friend is moving overseas, use colours that match the flag of the country he/she is travelling to, perhaps in one half of the party area, while the other half is based on the colours of the flag of where you are.

    Include streamers in the person’s preferred colours, or designed with images of a map showing the route of travel.

  4. Gifts

    It might also be a good idea to ask the guests to come with the smallest farewell gift possible, with prizes at some point in the party for the smallest, practical gift. Of course, sweets and sugar cubes don’t count!

  5. Speeches

    Include a section in the party itinerary where certain people will give speeches about the guest of honour. People can talk about anything, from heartfelt remembrances to funny stories to best wishes. And finally, the guest of honour can address the crowd, perhaps before cutting the cake.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a special area where you will place a card or book for everyone to sign with their name and farewell message.

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