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What Is Event Branding?

Jul 12th, 2017

Event Branding

Event branding is an integral part of creating brand recognition. It’s easy to think of event branding as being exclusively for large companies, but this is not the case, and event branding has actually become an integral part of a successful marketing strategy.

While it is important for larger businesses to use event branding in order to continue brand building and continue their market dominance, it is equally important, if not more so, for small businesses. They need to create an image and name for themselves in order to get established, and event branding can play a significant role in doing so.

Whether you are already established or still seeking to create a space for yourself within a competitive field, you need to familiarize yourself with what, exactly, event branding is, and why it is an important and even integral aspect of successful marketing strategies.

What Is Event Branding?

Event branding is a marketing strategy that involves preparing a specific event, perhaps a presentation, a staged product reveal, or even a simple dinner or catered meet and greet.

Simply put, event branding is the throwing of an event centred around your small business that should incorporate aspects of your business into every area of the event.

Why Is Event Branding Important?

Event branding is important because it provides two unique methods for selling your company that most traditional marketing simply cannot accomplish.

  1. Brand Connection
    Consumers are often incredibly knowledgeable today, and with so many choices, they are often looking for a deeper connection to a brand. Creating an in-person, intimate event to build a connection with your customers provides the personal touch and connection not available through most other means.
  2. An Immersive Experience
    Additionally, while traditional marketing is effective and important, it is typically a passive experience for potential consumers. Event branding, on the other hand, offers a completely immersive experience that is highly memorable. It is also shareable and more likely to spark conversation after the event.

However, in order for event branding to truly accomplish this, it is necessary to integrate your brand into every aspect of the event. You can do this with the use of banner stands throughout the event space that display your logo and more detailed events about your company (just keep those details short and succinct to draw attention).

Once you have placed banner stands strategically throughout the space, you can begin to incorporate your logo elsewhere, perhaps even on each table or on the glasses or plates.

In the end, the event needs to feel like a cohesive whole that sells your company at every turn. You want your audience leaving the night with a lasting impression of your company that ultimately makes them feel connected to your brand.

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