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Eight Unusual Venues You Should Consider For Your Next Event

Feb 6th, 2017

Looking for an exciting venue for your next event? Instead of renting a stuffy hotel ballroom, try one of these eight unusual venues instead.

Unusual Venues You Should Consider For Your Next Event

  1. Heritage site

    Across the country there are gorgeous heritage sites that can be used as event venues. You will have to contact the Federal or Provincial government (depending on the site) to book it and sign any required waivers to ensure that your guests maintain the integrity of the property. Using a heritage site, you will be able to throw an event that people talk about for years afterwards.

  2. Brewery

    An unusual but fun venue to host your next event is a brewery. Many breweries can be booked for private parties and events. Some even provide food and a DJ. Besides sampling the local brew, your guests can dance, eat and have a good time.

  3. Sports complex

    Your local sports team doesn’t use their facilities every day. You can book a sporting venue for your next event and host your party when the team is playing in another city or during the off-season. Your guests can run the bases, dunk or hit the ice while they socialize.

  4. Airport hangar

    If you’re looking for a large space, look no further than an airport hangar. Depending on how busy your local airport is, you can often rent a hangar or a portion of the tarmac to host your next event.

  5. Barcade

    Everyone has an inner child. Why not unleash your guests’ by throwing your next event where bar meets arcade? A barcade offers videogaming and cocktails so your guests are sure to have a great time.

  6. Art gallery

    If you’re looking for somewhere low-key to host your next event, many art galleries will let you rent out their space. Your guests can enjoy amazing art work while they mingle. Depending on the size of the gallery, you can even have tables and chairs set up and serve a full catered meal.

  7. Parking lot/garage

    Renting out a parking lot or garage space for your next event allows you to take advantage of a large space. You can host a carnival-style event complete with rides, a dance party, a luau, casino night and more – basically whatever you want. A parking lot or garage can be converted to suit your needs.

  8. Private island

    This one may be a tricky to secure but it’s not impossible. Thanks to companies like Airbnb, you can rent out private islands to hold your next event. The only issue with renting out a private island would be securing transportation for your attendees and accommodations, if needed. However, if you can swing it, your guests will never forget your event on a private island.

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