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5 Outdoor Events That Will Make You Rethink Having Your Next Party Indoors

Mar 13th, 2017

Take your event to the next level by taking some cues from the best outdoor events. Here are five outdoor events that will make you rethink having your next party indoors.

Outdoor Event Inspiration

  1. Hosting at a baseball stadium or speedway
    Baseball games are among the most popular outdoor events and yet not many people consider having a party at a live basement game. The same hold true for speedways. The benefit about hosting you next party at either of these two outdoor events is that they provide a built-in atmosphere of excitement.

    Whether you have an upper deck party or a bleacher party, the options are endless. A baseball game or speedway would make for a great corporate venue, particularly if you’re celebrating a recent company milestone.

  2. Hosting at an outdoor music festival or concert
    Most cities offer a summer music festival or concert. Take advantage of the built-in live music and the natural beauty of the park itself by pitching some tents and hosting your next event at an outdoor music festival or concert. This option is particularly great for corporate events.
  3. Cruises
    Another outdoor event great for your next party is a cruise, providing a beautiful, natural backdrop for your next party. Simply charter a boat and sail the day and night away. When it comes to cruise events, the options are many: Booze cruises, dinner cruises, historic cruises and more.

  4. The great outdoors: picnics and beach parties
    Picnics and beach parties are among the most classic outdoor events, particularly ideal for wedding receptions or birthday parties.
  5. The unconventional: parking garages
    While parking garages aren’t necessarily an event, here is why you should consider this location for your next event venue: It is completely unexpected. Not only will it heighten your next event, but the top floor of parking garages typically offer great views of the skyline.

    An added benefit is that parking won’t be an issue as your guests can simply park below. Rent food trucks to define the party area, pitch tents and invite a live band.

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