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Why Your Next Event Needs Custom Signage

Jun 8th, 2020

There are several reasons why you need custom signage for your next event.

Signs are essential for events. If you get your signage wrong, your event could be at risk of having your event fail. Without clear and concise information on the details of your event presented on signs, your attendees may not be able to find what they are looking for and may miss out on what makes your event awesome.

 Custom signage for events

The best way to achieve this is by using custom signage.

When you choose custom signs, you are in control of the product and can make sure your signs are clear, practical, and easily adapted to promote your brand, sponsors, and products.

Not sure where to begin? Start by studying a map of your venue. Put yourself in the shoes of your attendees and plan signage that you would expect to see in the space. This will vary from event to event and venue to venue.

Here are a few spaces to consider when using custom signage:

  • Bathrooms
  • Stages
  • Entrance areas and any other entrances/exits
  • Spaces where attendees may have to wait in line (such as registration or food kiosks)
  • Charging stations

After you have located the best spots for your custom signs, here are a few more elements to consider:

  • Be creative. Think about how you can use signs to make an impact on your audience. So, get creative! Each time an attendee comes into contact with one of your signs is a chance to impress them.
  • Be meaningful. Don’t be generic! Think about ways that your custom signs can be meaningful to your audience. Whether it’s to offer more information, directions to another area of your venue, or to entertain, take advantage of the opportunity to impress.
  • Be purposeful. Typically, signs serve a few distinct purposes: to promote, identify, provide information, give direction, and raise awareness. Hone in on the purpose of your sign and think about the best way to present your information. Your purpose could be to:
    • Do advertising and marketing
    • Attract new customers
    • Create brand recognition
    • Directional signs for event purposes
    • Health and safety signs that identify the bathroom and exits
    • Appearance and aesthetic

Now that you have learned all about why you need custom signage at your next event, it’s time to look at the available options. The list can be a bit long, but we’ve compiled the 8 best options for your consideration.

  1. Stair wraps
  2. Stair wraps are exactly how they sound: they are a message or an image that is meant to be seen from the bottom of a set of stairs or escalators and is an unexpected spot to advertise event or brand details to attendees. When the foyer of your venue includes stairs, don’t let them be dead space; make sure to use their marketing potential. As well, the more artistic you make them, the more likely they will appear on Instagram and other great promotional platforms.

  3. Barriers
  4. Barriers serve to keep attendees in the main area of your event and to funnel them past checkpoints. Take advantage of barriers! Like stairs, do not leave them as empty space. Use them as a place to put directional messaging on other important information about the event. They’re also a great place to advertise your brand and any deals you may have.

  5. Wall murals
  6. Think about ways you can create Instagram-able moments for your attendees. Why not create a custom wall mural? This option is a great way to connect your event to your community and partner with a local artist (who can help you advertise the event). Wall murals are also a great way to advertise hashtags and social handles.

  7. Textile printing
  8. Textile printing furniture is another great customizable sign option for your event! Whether you have table skirts, fabric banners or curtains, textile printing is a highly visual way to display your brand at your next event.

  9. Banners
  10. Perhaps the most traditional advertising measure, banners should not be overlooked. They are a highly versatile and budget-friendly option to include at your event, mostly because they can be used for indoor and outdoor use. As well, they can be repurposed for future events. Banners can also work as a welcome sign or easy-to-spot registration.

  11. Props and decoration
  12. If you are an extra creative person, you can utilize props into your custom signage for your event, especially if you’re looking to create a unique experience for attendees. However, don’t just go with any old props; keep them in line with your theme. For instance, if you are a not-for-profit aquarium, think about a fish-themed photo booth, fish hats, and other fun props to take things to the next level of fun for your guests!

  13. Signposts
  14. For larger events or outdoor venues, signposts are a clear way to direct the flow of traffic to multiple areas and help to navigate the space for unfamiliar attendees. You can get creative with your signposts by making them dynamic shapes and playing with colour. Signposts can also be a great way to create a common meeting area for groups and even break-out groups.

  15. Digital signage
  16. If you have a large budget, including a digital sign is a great way to engage and inform the people attending your event. This method allows you the unique benefit of displaying different forms of dynamic content like a video and lets you cycle through other content, such as promotional items and directions.

The sky is no longer the limit with signs. Anything is possible with a combination of materials and design ideas. Contact Club Ink at 416-694-1996 and talk to one of our professionals today!

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