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5 Signage Ideas For Your Corporate Event

Jun 5th, 2017

If you are organizing a corporate event, you can use signage to raise awareness and increase the attendance, promote your products or services to the attendees, improve your brand recognition, or simply direct attendees. Your objective should be to create attractive signage that not only draws the eyes of attendees, but also communicates a consistent message throughout the event. Here are a few ideas for making a huge impact with your corporate event signage.

Corporate Event Branding

  1. Think Big—Literally

    If the size of your venue is appropriate, you should consider using billboard-size banner graphics, or even larger, so people can easily see your brand from a distance. You can even print and layer fabric panels to create big visuals and increase your visibility. Consider using fabric sublimation printing to make your custom signs water, UV and scratch resistant, which will allow them to withstand exposure to the elements.

  2. Use See-Through Graphics

    Consider using perforated window vinyl graphics that can be removed after the event, or allowed to stay, depending on their placement. These large window graphics are designed to showcase your message from the outside, and function as a sunscreen from the inside.

  3. Define the Event Space

    If you need to designate an event area within the event venue, consider using A-frames to display graphics on both sides of the barricaded area. If you use a fence mesh, consider printing graphics on the front and back to showcase your message on both sides of the enclosure.

  4. Consider Portable Signage

    People love souvenirs, and your corporate event provides a great opportunity to give your attendees something to take home. Gifts can be used to entertain the attendees and make their experience at the event more memorable.

  5. Incorporate Social Media

    When it comes to event marketing, you should try to maximize every opportunity to increase brand awareness. This means using hashtags, check-ins and handles for attendees to connect with your community online, and for your brand to capitalize on content sharing on social platforms.

Make Quality Outdoor Signage

To save on advertising costs, it is a good idea to make durable signage that can be used for multiple events, without making your brand look cheap. This can be easily achieved using fabric sublimation printing, where the dye bonds to become part of the structure of the fabric, effectively preventing it from fading or scratching. The intense and bright colours will remain attractive and breathtaking for a long time, allowing you to use your displays, banners and flags for multiple events with the same positive result.

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