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How to Make Your Office a More Inspiring Place

Aug 12th, 2015

Creating a workspace that inspires and motivates your team may not seem easy. It’s often difficult to balance the priorities of your business objectives with giving your employees what they need to perform well and enjoy their work.

Open Office Space

However, workplaces are now evolving. They’re beginning to understand the need for ways to foster creativity, teamwork, and inspiration.

Investing in the following steps will make your office a more inspiring place for you and your organization.

Create More Open Spaces

Many offices are designed around the use of cubicles and partitions. This has led to some unexpected consequences that affect the productivity and happiness of today’s workers.

Traditional cubicles can isolate team members. It creates an opportunity for employees to be distracted by non-work activities (Internet, personal calls, etc.) as they stay out of sight from co-workers.

Having more open space would feel less constraining. More importantly, it can foster collaboration among your employees.

Removing cubicle walls allows everyone to feel like they’re working towards a common goal.

Take Care of Employees

All members of any organization are going to have unique needs that may seem unrelated to the job at hand. Understanding and addressing these needs creates a more inspiring workplace.

Today’s businesses are incorporating ways to improve the health of their workers. They have found ways to implement healthier options in the design of their offices.

Creating an ergonomic space using the right chairs and desks can reduce fatigue and the incidence or repetitive movement injuries. Standing desks are becoming more popular and provide an alternative to sitting all day long.

Find the best chairs you can within your budget. This investment pays off through increased productivity of workers and a potential decrease and lost time due to pain or injury.

Provide Options for Fun

Implementing an element of fun isn’t just for young hip startups anymore. By creating a workplace that incorporates play, you provide an outlet for employees. 

This leads to more time spent at the office, as team members realize they have the flexibility to relax and take a break without having to leave.

You can set up a designated space with games and other features for employees to use. When your team members use games, they become more collaborative in their work.

Use the Right Lighting

Office lighting can work for or against you. Traditional fluorescent lights used in corporate settings cause eyestrain and fatigue. Consider using lamps with softer lighting and tools that help reduce glare. Different colors can be used to help stimulate the brain and create different moods. Using lamps makes it easy to experiment by changing their placements and settings. 

Ask your employees what they prefer when it comes to lighting. After all, they’re the ones who’ll be spending the most time in the work space.

There are just a few key things you can begin to implement to improve productivity and create a more inspiring office. Consider which approaches will work best for your organization and begin experimenting to find the best results.

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