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6 Creative And Amazing Employee Recognition Ideas

Sep 19th, 2016

With both the cost of living and unemployment increasing, many people consider themselves fortunate to have any source of income. And while employers know that you have to put in long, hard hours to keep your spot, they also understand that recognition and appreciation are key to keeping you happy and motivated.

How To Thank An Employee – The Right Way

Here are some creative employee recognition ideas to keep your employees satisfied, diligent and loyal:

  1. A formal recognition day

    Many industries have multiple annual events where they recognise the leading organizations and individuals in some cases. The recognition means something for those businesses that are highlighted. Similarly, organizing recognition day at work with awards, food, and team-building activities will give your employees something to work towards.

  2. Celebrate performance regularly

    The idea is to highlight and appreciate daily wins by employees and teams that have made remarkable efforts, achieved great results or contributed to a major win. There are many things to celebrate, from an employee getting a new client to hitting a major target. You can make working hard in your organization fun by simply letting their peers/colleagues know of their achievement. This can be achieved by posting the information on your internal chat or announcing it during meetings.

  3. Wall of fame

    Take random pictures of your employees hard at work or when celebrating accomplishments and create a collage showcasing their diligence.

  4. Commute assistance

    There are many costs associated with transportation, including the price of gas, vehicle maintenance, parking space, or using public transport. Ideally, you should help all your employees to arrive at work on time, or at least to feel like they are not spending so much of their earnings on transport. You can identify top employees who you want to give a nice parking spot to for a week or reimburse their bus fare.

  5. Project freedom

    You may consider giving some employees flexible work hours provided they get the work completed on time or allow them to pick upcoming projects to work on. This shows that you have developed a greater level of trust in them and that you can count on them to be accountable.

  6. Spontaneous treats

    You can allocate specific or random days during the week for employees to take a quick break to relax and kick back before resuming their activities. Consider bringing some donuts or cakes one morning or some chilled drinks or pizza on a lazy afternoon.

Final note

When rewarding your employees, it is important to keep in mind that recognition is one of the most powerful motivators. Research shows that, in most cases, cash bonuses get spent on bills and any perks are quickly forgotten. Recognition, on the other hand, becomes a great memory that can be relived over and over again, repeatedly pushing high performance.

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