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Photographers: Prep Your Digital Files For Printing

Nov 13th, 2017

Printing has become somewhat of a thing of the past when it comes to photographs, but today’s photographers are encouraging their clients to print hard copies of the photos and hang them on their walls instead of storing them on a flashdrive. The printing landscape is quickly changing.

Prepping Your Digital Files For Printing

As new printing mediums continue to emerge, people are becoming increasingly interested in printing. A new and increasingly popular printing medium is sublimation printing. In brief, sublimation printing involves printing an image onto fabric. Dye sublimation is the process of reproducing full colour images on a variety of different surfaces, including aluminum. The result is a very vibrant, high gloss final product with a dimensional quality.

If you are planning to print images via newer mediums like dye aluminum sublimation, it is important that you prepare your files first to account for the colour shift issues that occur when printing on a new medium.

Prepping Your Digital Files For Printing

This blog post will offer tips for preparing your files to be printed on aluminum.

  • Account for Darker Results
    Keep in mind that aluminum prints are rich and deep in terms of blacks that they will have in the final printed version.
  • Be Mindful of How Digital Saturation Changes Translate to Printing Mediums
    Saturation is another thing you have to keep in mind when printing on aluminum. Any saturation changes you make to a particular colour on the digital file will actually be much more pronounced when printed on aluminum. For example, a 2-3% increase or decrease in the saturation of a particular colour will actually result in a 10-12% increase or decrease once printed.
  • Choose Images That Are Well Suited to the Printing Medium
    Choose images that are well suited to your particular printing medium. For dye sublimation printing on aluminum, images that are particularly bold and have high contrast and dramatic lighting are good candidates. Black and white images, for example, are particularly suited to printing on aluminum because, as you saw above, dye sublimation produces very rich, deep blacks. In contrast, images that are muted would likely be better suited to a different printing medium.

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