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Is Fabric Dye Safe For My Children?

Mar 20th, 2015

It goes without saying that almost all of your clothes, linens and fabrics throughout the home are dyed. These dyes can be made and applied to the fabric in various ways, depending on what the manufacturer prefers.

Fabric Dye Safe For Children?

Almost all dyes remain safe for human touch and, unless your child has allergens or very sensitive skin, fabric dyes are extremely safe for all ages.

Synthetic dyes have gone through many changes in the past few decades. Precautions have been taken more seriously in regards to what dye is created out of and whether or not it is safe. Since synthetic dyes are most commonly used on clothing, they have been modified and tested many times over the years to assure that their safety.

The Difference between Synthetic Dye and Natural Dye

Both synthetic and natural dyes are harmless to humans and other living creatures. Synthetic dyes use coal tar derivatives, which are combined to create the stain. These last longer than natural dyes, as synthetic ones stick to the fabric better. All synthetic dyes must be tested and pass safety guidelines before they are used for clothes and manufactured.

All-natural dyes came back into popularity as people became more concerned about chemical sensitivities. Although sensitivities to synthetic dyes might include minor side effects such as rashes or itching, this is quite rare. Nonetheless, some people still prefer organic dyes and materials.

Organic dyes aren’t as favorable for clothing and linens due to the fact that the dye just doesn’t last as long as synthetic dye.

These dyes are typically made of ingredients such as berries and other natural ingredients that provide immense color. These dyes don’t take to the fabric as well as synthetic dyes, nor are they as easy to apply.

It’s very unlikely that fabric dyes will cause any harm to you or your children. Even if allergens are present, by removing the clothing or avoiding contact with the fabric, you will notice your symptoms disperse quickly. However, this is rarely ever an issue and dyes tend to be safe for everyone.

While some people prefer organic dyes, they can be quite expensive and it would be difficult to raise your children with fabrics that only use all-natural dyes to color their products. Synthetic dyes are widely used. The dyes stick to the fabric well, they are easier to apply, and it has proved its security when it comes to causing harm to the skin of a human.

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