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5 Ways To Enhance With Duotone Colour

Jun 13th, 2016

Duotone is simply the use of two colours and it is one of the major emerging image trends in web design. The effect uses a pair of colours to create an image that is colourful, vibrant and unique. With thousands of different formatting styles and combinations possible, you can create something original and eye-catching by simply playing around with the palette. Below are 5 ways to bring images and text to life with duotone colour.

How To Utilize Duotone Colours

As a dominant image. Duotone lets you pair hues that might not necessarily match according to traditional colour theory, but which, when combined, create a striking and bold aesthetic for any image on your website or in your advertising material. The goal of duotone is to create contrast through colour opposition, which focuses attention on the image you are using to captivate your audience.

As a simple colour palette. Duotone does not need to be complicated in order to make a statement. Often the most striking colour patterns are simple in nature and use traditional complementary colours to create an emotion or feeling. Keeping duotone simple means that a viewer will not be overwhelmed by elements. Sensory overload, whether it is sight or sound, is one of the main reasons people are turned off by a display or an image and simple duotone colour schemes remain both interesting and easy to take in.

To increase readability. Duotone is great as a stabilizer to lend space and contrast to text. Duotone is a clever way to flatten colour variations in an image so that single-colour text can be overlaid almost anywhere in the image. The duotone pairing you are likely to choose to achieve this will likely be more muted, but the goal is to create a highly readable backdrop for text.

As an accent. Duotone is clearly a great macro effect, but as a micro effect, it is adept at providing striking accents to smaller spaces as well. You can place duotone accents anywhere you want to draw an audience’s attention, whether it is to a navigational tool, links to videos or blog content or to focus a viewer on a message or call to action you are trying to convey.

As a background. Using duotone as a background to a web page is a great way to make sure that your brand image, or colours associated with your logo or brand image, continues to receive attention and is driven into the minds of your viewers while they are browsing. Duotone background used in this way is perfect for placing emphasis on a theme or set of colours that you would like current and future clients to associate with your business.

Duotone is clearly one of the most versatile colour schemes available in web design today. It adds a level of flexibility to your design that solid colours won’t permit and allows you to create colour themes and patterns that you can associate with your brand and insert them throughout your website, marketing material and advertising. If you are creating or considering revamping an existing website, keep in mind the value of enticing duotone design and create eye-catching and easy-to-follow content that will have your customers coming back for more.

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