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How Do You Get Your Display to Stand Out?

Dec 10th, 2019

Trade shows are important to any business that needs a marketing platform. They allow you to appeal to any new and potential customers to make your business as profitable as possible. Trade shows give you a space to sell your products and show your audience why they should choose your business. Meeting your customers face to face will help you make a connection with them, making them more likely to talk about your business to their peers, leading to more sales and customers.

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In order to get to this point, you must stand out in a room of many other businesses trying to accomplish the same thing you are. To help you with this, Club Ink has put together tips on how to catch your customers’ eyes to establish a relationship with them. We are one of the most trusted trade show display companies in Toronto and are experts in creating engaging displays that reflect your unique brand offering.

We specialize in one-of-a-kind trade show displays and exhibit marketing. Using a combination of options, we can help you make a lasting impression at your next trade show if you follow these tips:

Make Your Presence Known

Putting yourself out there and being enthusiastic and passionate about your product will draw people in and help you to start a dialogue with your audience. Interacting with potential consumers is the first step in creating successful business relationships. If you create a booth that is exciting and grabs some attention, more people will come to check out what the excitement is about. With this, you can begin talking to your customers and understand their unique experiences, which may help you develop new products and services for these needs in the future.

Provide Incentives

Give people a reason to come to your display booth at your industry’s trade show. Customer incentives come in various forms. It can start by giving out things like free pens. You can also host a raffle. Have people put their business cards or information in a bowl and give out a free product to the person who gets chosen. People may come to your display for the sole purpose of entering the raffle, but this allows you to give them information about your product or service. You can even advertise fun and interactive games with a prize to get the trade show attendees’ attention. This way, they can try out your product or service and see for themselves the usefulness that you are bringing to their lives. This will give them something to consider.

Be Honest with Consumers

Honesty builds trust in a business relationship. Customers appreciate retailers that give them the truth; this way, they know that they can trust the company they choose to do business with. Therefore, another way that you can attract attention to your trade show display is by illustrating accurate company metrics. It could prove very useful to display fact-based, company metrics on the banner stand or podium that you are using. This way, they can see for themselves things like customer satisfaction, product features, and other statistics that prove that your company is worthy of their much-appreciated business.

Be Friendly with Your Competitors

Seeing you interacting and enjoying yourselves with potential competitors at the trade show will be eye-catching. This is because competitors don’t usually mingle with each other in a friendly manner. Doing this will help clients see that working with you is a great experience regardless of the situation.

This will also allow you to see what they are offering and how you can improve your display in the future. You can obtain a lot of valuable ideas from this and refer customers to them if they provide something that you don’t. Hopefully, they will return the favour, and a new business-to-business relationship can start.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

You can begin utilizing social media outlets prior to the event. Show what you have to offer in a relatable and interesting way, and people will feed off this energy and begin to share their experiences on their social media as well. You can live stream during the trade show to reveal to your followers what is new and exciting in your company so that people who could not make it to the show feel that they are a part of your community. You can also post on your social media accounts after the trade show using hashtags that will generate positive media and consumer attention. Display all of your social media handles in a visually appealing way at your booth. This way, people can check out genuine customer reviews to help reinforce their decision to choose your business.

Club Ink provides the services you need to create a trade show display that will help you stand out and grow as a business. We are a digital printing company that designs and creates a variety of display materials. If you’re planning on being a vendor at a trade show, we can provide the materials you need for your own unique needs. We create:

  • Banner stands
  • Tension fabric backdrop systems
  • Flag and outdoor products
  • Vector walls
  • Folding panel displays
  • Pop-up displays and banner systems
  • Tabletop displays

Club Ink has a variety of solutions for you to choose from to make an impactful trade show display to market your brand to your intended audience. We provide trade show display rentals, including:

  • Portable modular and pop-up displays
  • Portable literature stands
  • Portable counters and podiums
  • Rollable flooring
  • Portable monitor kiosks
  • Video walls and large displays
  • Portable wireless internet
  • Furniture

Club Ink can help you to improve your marketing efforts and reflect your unique brand, products, and services. For more tips about creating an effective trade show display, call Club Ink at 416-694-1996 or contact us here.

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