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Easy Ways to Profit from Banner Printing

Dec 4th, 2018

Customer profiles will vary, as there are many different types of banners to choose from on the market. Currently, vinyl banners are the most recommended type of banner for outdoor signage purposes. This is because they are easy to work with, highly durable, and will likely be your best selling type of banner. Due to the rising popularity of vinyl banners, one may assume that printing large quantities of such banners will help yield bigger profits.

ways to get profit from banner printing

However, we would suggest that you shift paradigms and focus on variety over quantity. To stand out amongst your glut of competitors, you will need to get creative. Any banner printing company can churn out derivative white banners with red lettering. As such, providing variety (read: options) will help expand your client base and garner more profits in the end. Below, are some additional tips that you can use to improve your company’s banner printing profit margins.

Have Plenty of Stock

Any excess materials that you have left over should be situated in a designated location for quick and easy access. That way, when inquiring customers arrive at your store, you will be able to outline the colours that you used in the past for other printing jobs and allow them to easily select the materials of their choice.

Build a Banner Portfolio

We would highly recommend that you take a high quality photograph of each and every creative banner that exits your shop and then start building a handy banner portfolio. By doing so, your sales staff can use the portfolio as a marketing tool to promote your company during a sales presentation. You can also use the portfolio to show your prospective customers some of the past work that you have performed for other clients. Surprisingly, the vast majority of banner printing shops do not create banner portfolios because they weren’t creative enough to come up with the idea or simply don’t have the time or patience to do so. Stand out from the proverbial masses by compiling a banner portfolio to get a leg up over your bevy of competitors.

Use Bright Colours on a Black Background

Another way to stand out amongst your myriad competitors is to use bright colours on a jet-black background. By doing so, you will still be fulfilling the requirements of your clients, but also attract the desired attention in the process. By going the extra mile and designing creative custom banners that go above and beyond the call of duty, you can also charge more for the enhanced service. Charging more will yield higher profits, and most clients are willing to pay top dollar if they can get premium services that go beyond run-of-the-mill banner signs. In other words, most customers understand that they will usually get what they pay for, so working a little harder will usually not go unnoticed by your customers.

Create a Scalloped Edge

If you don’t want to create a scalloped edge, you can create curves instead to make your banner signs stand out from the cookie-cutter conventional signs that most mediocre companies mass produce. Moreover, you an add coloured and decorative fringes along the edges for some much needed flair and panache. You can also brainstorm to come up with new techniques and designs that are creative in order to entice prospective clients to procure your unique services.

Remember the Fundamentals

In order to be successful, you need to fulfill a direct need that a consumer has. No customer will go out of their way to support you simply because they want to help your enterprise thrive and grow. As such, they will only purchase your product if you provide them with an effective solution to their problem. It also never hurts to ask your customers questions in order to better discern their unique needs.

Also, the customer is (almost) always right, so if they are not satisfied with your products or services, then try to find a way to solve their problem. For instance, if they are dissatisfied with your services, then offer them a new banner, a refund, or both. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer, so going above and beyond basic customer service can help generate more customers and more profits as a result.

Finally, try and get your clients to help sell or promote your business for you if you can. For instance, if they are satisfied with your services, then ask them to tell their friends and coworkers, or ask them if they have any business leads or contacts that they can provide you with so that you can potentially increase your customer base.

In sum, customizable banners are key to increased profitability. If you produce subpar and derivative banners, then you will not be able to separate yourself from the other mediocre banner printing companies out there. Customers want to see ingenuity and gumption when they decide on which banner printing company to go with, so being proactive and creative are paramount if you want to differentiate yourself from your plethora of competitors.

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