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Designing The perfect Display Banner Ad

Jan 18th, 2016

Banners are one of the most important parts of an advertising campaign. If you are a marketer or business owner, you understand that having catchy, compelling and clickable ads are the best way to get new business and reach out to existing customers inside and outside of your network.

Display Banner Ad

There are many ways to monitor the success of your new banner by being able to track the conversion rate, click through rate and the time they spend on your website. It is very important to know how to design a great banner but also in knowing the other factors that influence its success.

Here are the basics to help you create the perfect display banner ad:

  • Placement is everything.
  • If you have good placement, your ad will do much better. Placement is a critical element of design. By understanding good placement, you will understand the tone/messaging, the general audience, the colour palate of your ad that will allow it to stand out from the rest.

  • Give them a call to action.
  • Once you grab their attention, you want to give them a call to action. This message will be what compels the users to click on the banner and go to your website.

    If you are offering a discount at your online store, try phrases like “save x%” or “save now” along with a discount code. If you just want to bring them to the website, try “shop now” or “buy it now.” Seal the deal with your call to action!

  • If your copy is good, it will do the trick.
  • Good copy is extremely important, and simple works best here. Choose an attention grabbing headline and you’ll see a large difference in both customer interest and overall ROI for your marketing investment.

  • Choose the right graphics/images.
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so pick an image that speak to your target demographic! Imagery has the ability to grab the attention of viewers faster than any text can and has lasting power to stay in their mind, so choose something that represents your brand and makes your company memorable.

  • Make your fonts easy to read.
  • This is so important, if people can’t read the font on our ad – why would they click on it? Make sure that it is a good size and a clear font.

  • Colour me good.
  • Depending on the other images and text on the page, you want to make sure that your ad sticks out and makes people want to find out more information. By choosing a good colour scheme, you’re ensuring that your ad will pop.

Banners are a great way to draw your eye to a sale, a service, or an event that you want to promote the most. Take the above tips into consideration and you’ll have an ad that is sure to gain great attention!

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