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The Future Of Digital Textile Printing

Sep 5th, 2017

Digital textile printing is the process of printing colorants onto various fabrics/garments and textiles. Digital textile printing is particularly trendy at the moment and is expected to grow even more, as you will find out below. Digital textile printing is revolutionizing many different parts of today’s world, from the fashion industry to marketing and advertising.

Future Of Digital Textile Printing

A growing trend in advertising and marketing is that advertisements and various other corporate branding elements like flags, banners and signs are being printed onto polyester media. They’re also being printed onto other textiles like table cloths, curtains, window blinds, upholstery, napkins, chair covers and more. With all of this in mind, here is what the future of digital textile printing looks like.

The Future of Digital Textile Printing

The digital textile printing industry is already in motion and is projected to grow a lot more. In fact, it is expected to grow by 17.5% over the next five years. A large part of this growing trend is due to market forces in the fashion industry and consumer demand now that the technology is available.

The fashion industry has been trying to put items from the runway into the hands of consumers faster than ever before. Traditional screen printing typically takes between two and three months. Digital printing, however, is immediate. On top of that, images are higher quality. Moreover, the cost to produce ten shirts versus 1000 is the same. In this way, digital textile printing is going to be the force behind customized clothing in the future. Instead of printing 1000 of the same shirts, designers will print 500. Their second batch of 500 will be slightly different than the first and so on and so forth. Again, much of this is due to the fact that today’s customers are now demanding more customization.

What Digital Textile Printing Means for Businesses

Digital texting printing is opening up a new wave of advertising and marketing, making it an exciting time for small and large businesses alike to expand their advertising and marketing efforts. As you saw above, digital textile printing has an extensive range of applications, making it great for branded events, trade shows and for any type of promotional activity in general. Businesses always benefit from being ahead of the curve, so now is the time to be a part of this trend.

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