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How Digital Editors Are Bringing Their Print Magazines Into The Modern Age

Mar 5th, 2018

As we become increasingly become a more digital world, traditional print magazines have had to adapt. That’s why editors are embracing the online medium in order to generate clicks and build their audience. But just how are digital editors doing it?

Digital Print Magazines

How Digital Editors Are Bringing Their Print Magazines Into The Modern Age

  • Making a Story Look Different While Still Maintaining Brand Identity

    What you may not realize is that digital editors have to tell two different stories: a print version and a digital one. Ultimately, these are different mediums and therefore their stories have to be told differently.

    That means that editors have to consider how to make a story look and feel different while reading it on a digital screen.

    At the same time, editors also have to maintain brand identity. Ultimately, a consistent brand identity is a factor that all businesses have to prioritize above all else.

  • Deciding Where a Story Deserves To Be Told

    There are also magazines that decide which medium is best to tell a given story. Is the story better told in print or on a screen?

    Some magazines will also break a story down and choose to tell some aspects of it digitally and some in print.

    For example, in some cases, digital covers act as a mere teaser to the content in the print issue; in other words, the magazine has a single digital element (the cover) but still remains in print.

  • Social Media Trends Influence The Magazine

    Social media often influences the direction of the magazine – in more ways than one. For example, editors are considering the conversations that are taking place on social media and addressing them in their own content.

    In other cases, the editors take into account social media analytics to determine the content of the magazine or in the case of GQ Style — their magazine cover.

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