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3 Ways To Combine Your Print And Digital Marketing

Dec 7th, 2016

With the advent of digital marketing, some marketers assumed that print marketing would gradually wither and eventually disappear. But this is an unlikely scenario considering that print marketing offers some unique advantages that cannot be obtained with digital marketing, such as environmental targeting, personalization, and tactical interpretation, among others.

How To Use Your Print And Digital Marketing Together Effectively

In fact, skilled marketers have learned to leverage the advantages of each form of marketing to maximize market reach. Here are some tips for creating a successfully integrated marketing campaign:

  1. Use Direct-mail Postcards to Promote your Website

    Direct mail allows for highly targeted marketing, which means that you don’t have to waste resources on less than optimal customer demographics. Customize your direct-mail postcards in a way that makes the audience want to visit your online store, for example by designing mini-catalogues showcasing some of your best selling products or services, or sampling from your product range. You can encourage response and track the conversion rate of your marketing campaign by issuing time-limited coupon codes that are redeemable online.

  2. Table Tents and Newsletter Subscriptions

    Many marketers for restaurants, resorts, and nightclubs are familiar with the importance of sending regular email newsletters to their audience, notifying them of upcoming events, new menu items, and current specials to gather more business. However, it can be hard to get customer’s email addresses in these type of businesses, especially if you are not already interacting with them online via your website or social media.

    Consider printing table tents to promote your newsletter. Include a QR code that when scanned redirects the patron to a mobile-friendly sign-up page, as well as an instant coupon that can be redeemed immediately for savings. This will encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter as they wait to be served. Their confirmation emails are then used to get instant discounts during checkout.

  3. Print Newsletter and Social Media

    Many consumers find newsletters entertaining, so issue one monthly or quarterly to engage with your customers on a personal level. You can use the newsletter to promote new products and services, share testimonials or demonstrations of how your bestselling products can transform your customer’s lives, and establish trust and credibility that ensures customer loyalty.

    Print newsletters can also be used to encourage more engagement with your customers by directing them to your social media page or profile. In this way, you can use your interactions with loyal customers to grow the number of your online followers.

Final note

There are many other ways that you can use print marketing and digital marketing together, such as using business cards or stickers and posters placed at strategic points to direct people to your website. Seek out feedback on your different strategies to continuously improve your marketing efforts.

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